I love to bake but when it comes to meal time, my motto is “quick, simple and tasty!”  Some of these recipes I’ve come up with on my own; others are recipes created by others that are too good not to share….

Ravioli Lasagna
Heavenly Whipped Cream
Fruit and Yogurt Burrito
Oreo Truffles
Trail Chili
Pumpkin Spice Cookies
Delicious Egg Salad Sandwiches
Thai Chicken Stuffed Muffins
Sharalee’s Version of Cranberry Bliss Bars
Caramel Dream Bars
Pretty and Yummy Pasta Salad
Favorite Fruit Filled Salad
Wintertime Spice Tea
Marshmallow Puffs
Icy Cold Refreshment
Mexican Fiesta Side Dish
Double Lemon Cookies

More tasty recipes are on their way….stay tuned!