Clean With Me

In 2013, I decided that rather than saving up all of my cleaning projects for a week of “spring cleaning”, I would break them up into “bite-size” pieces and do a little bit every week.  Of course, cleaning is so much more fun when done with friends so I posted my cleaning projects every week to allow my readers to join in the fun and tackle these projects in their homes too.  

If you are looking around your house, feeling overwhelmed at the amount of cleaning that needs to be done, try tackling the projects listed below and watch how your home is transformed 🙂

Weekly Cleaning Projects (in the order I completed them)

*For each project, you will find an approximate time it will take to complete it; tips and tricks and occasional notes about my personal experience while tackling the project.  TVs and Computer Monitors + Full Intro to Clean With Me Monday Challenges
Pictures on the Walls
Curtains, Rod and Windows in Rm #1
The Great Wipe Down
Shower Curtains and Liners
Oven and Stove
Wash Windows in 2 Rooms
Clean Out and Reorganize a Closet (Includes Before and After Pictures)
Medicine Cabinets/Wall Cabinets in Bathrooms
Bathroom Vanities/Cabinets
Bathroom Light Fixtures
Fans – Ceiling and Stand-Alone
Baseboards and Extra Vacuuming
Tackle the Stack
Curtains, Rod, Blinds and Windows in Rm #2
Linen Closet (Includes Before and After Pictures)
Spices and Kitchen Cabinets 
Pantry Clean Out
Front Door
Throw Rugs
Clear the Cobwebs
Closet Doors
Clear Out a Cupboard
Mini Purge
Bathroom Cabinets and Door + Bonus: Coffeemaker
Shower Curtains, Mattress Pads, Shams
Screens and Windows in 1 Room
Garbage Disposal Drain
Extra Vacuuming in Bedrooms
Clean Out and Reorganize another Closet (Includes Before and After Pictures)
Clean Windows – Part 1
Pictures, TVs and Computer Monitors
Preparation for Guests
Pre-Christmas Purge
Filing Cabinets and Desk Drawers