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Get Ready With Me YouTuber Tribute: Kandee Johnson

Thank you for joining me for Part 3 of my "YouTuber Tribute Series"! In the 8+ years that I have been watching Kandee, I have learned so many amazing tips, and I will be sharing those with you in this Get Ready With Me Video. I'm also using a classic palette, the first Naked Palette by Urban Decay. You can find links below to some of my favorite videos from Kandee along with the other YouTuber Tribute videos I've done previously. Thanks SO much for watching!!!♥

♥Kandee's Channel:
How to Contour Like a Contour Artist ~
Mila Kunis Naked Palette Look ~
Beauty Blender Pro Tips & Tricks ~

♥YouTuber Tribute Series Videos:
EmilyNoel83 ~
Makeup Geek ~

Swept Bangs and Smooth Back ~
Help Styling Spiky Pixie Cut ~
How My Stylist Highlights My…