Tuesday, March 7, 2017

NYX Pro Foundation Mixers - Review and Swatches

The approaching spring/summer season means it's time to start adding a little gradual tanning lotion or sunless tanner to my routine.  What that also means is that I have to put away my winter foundations and concealers because they are way too pale.  I have always hated that I have to buy foundations in a summer shade and winter shade.

Many have solved this problem by buying the Cover FX Custom Cover drops in a lighter or darker shade and using those to alter the color of their foundation.  But who wants to spend $44 for that option? Might as well buy another foundation, right?

One day, while browsing the "What's New" section on Ulta's website (a dangerous thing to do! ;-), I saw these NYX Pro Foundation Mixers....
There are 6 shades and I chose Warmth, Olive and White.  The claims from NYX are that they...
"are designed to adjust the tone, shade and finish of any liquid foundation, resulting in a truly perfect match."
And, they are only $10 (or less if Ulta is having a sale) for 1.01 fl. oz/30 mL

Sound too good to be true? Well, after trying these for several weeks, I'm happy to say that they work like a dream!  Not only do they mix easily into your foundation/concealer but they don't alter the coverage or wear time.  Unlike the Cover FX drops, these do NOT add any additional pigment/coverage.  They simply adjust the shade of the foundation/concealer. 

Of the three shades that I purchased, Olive and White are by far my favorite and will get used the most.  I thought the Warmth shade would help to "warm" up a cool-beige tone foundation but in fact, it seemed to add more pink/peach tones to it.

How to Use:  
Put a dollop of foundation on an artist's palette (or on the back of your hand) and add a drop of the NYX Pro Foundation Mixer of your choice.  Blend with a toothpick, spatula or finger and you're done!

Where to Buy:     Ulta*, NYX Cosmetics


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  1. Well....I think I'm going to need to check these out! Thank you for showing us how awesome they are!


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