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Going NATIVE....Deodorant That Is!

A lot of ink has been spilled talking about the benefits of using a natural, aluminum free deodorant.  I embarked on quite a journey, trying various natural deodorants before finding the Crystal Deodorant.  Overall, that has been pretty reliable for me but in the summer, when the weather heats up, I would have to reapply it after about 10-12 hours in order to stay odor free.  Since it is basically a "mineral salt", my underarms would get quite chapped and dry.

Well, one day, while browsing good ol' Pinterest, I came across a pinned article about the Five Best Deodorants for Women.  At the very top of the list, ranking higher than one by Tom Ford, was NATIVE deodorant.  I'd never heard of it so I went to their website, read the list of simple ingredients and then started reading review after review.  I was so impressed, I thought it was worth a try.  Plus, they offered free shipping and free returns so there was truly nothing to lose!

Originally when I ordered, it was…