Shout Color Catchers: Save Time and Water!

My wonderful friend, Debbie, introduced me to Shout Color Catchers a little over a year ago.  With six children, these became a life-saver for her in helping her stay on top of laundry.  How is that possible?  The color catchers allow you to mix a bunch of different colors in one load….yes, I said MIX colors!  As a result, you can do fewer full loads, saving time, water and money!

I’ll admit I was very skeptical that these would work. I said a little prayer and tossed in a color catcher along with my white capris, my husbands red polo shirt and many other colored items.  Just take a look at the assorted colors that I washed together and the color catcher showing the excess dye that it absorbed…

And here is a recent color catcher after the wash cycle was completed….

Yep, without the color catcher that pink would have been all over my white pants!  I’m telling you, these WORK!  Just toss 1-2 in the machine then add your soap, scent booster, etc. and let the color catchers do their magic (see back of the box for full instructions).

A few tips to ensure success:
*Always use cold water to wash those mixed color loads
*Don’t allow the wash to sit and soak in the water before starting the cycle.  The color catcher has to be moving through the wash to catch the dye before it soaks into the fabric.  If the wash is sitting still, it doesn’t allow this to happen.  How would I know?  I learned the hard way, of course!  If you have an item that needs to be soaked, do that before tossing into the machine.

You can find these in the laundry section of the store, usually with the other Shout stain removing products.

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