Dye Your Eyebrows at Home – Refectocil Review

If you read my blog of 30 Random Facts About Me, you will know that my least favorite part of my makeup routine is filling in my eyebrows.  But I do it because I have several “bald” spots and my eyebrows are naturally a really pale blonde.

Something that has really helped with my eyebrow routine is dying my eyebrows.  This is something that can be done by an esthetician.  However, most charge $30+ and for me it only lasted about 2 weeks. 

After doing some research, I found a DIY kit by Roux for $35 at my local Sally’s Beauty Supply and decided to try dying them myself at home.  While this kit did work, the color faded rather quickly and I had to be super careful when applying not to get it on my skin because it will stain it in a hot minute!

After more research, I came across rave reviews for a brand called Refectocil.  After finding a kit on Amazon for around $25, I decided it was worth trying.

There’s no beating around the bush….this stuff is AWESOME!
*Super easy to apply
*Color does not fade and lasts until the brows grow out
*Depth of color can be adjusted based on length of time left on brows and number of successive applications
*Kit will last a really long time so it makes it very affordable
*Does not stain skin as easily as Roux
*Variety of colors available

*It can be a bit unclear when ordering on Amazon if you need the Oxidant or not….you DO need it.
*It doesn’t take very much color to do your brows, even if you apply it twice. Start with no more than a pea-size amount of the color cream and just a few drops of Oxidant and go from there.
*Try a shade lighter than you think you might need….Light Brown is my shade and after 2 successive applications it’s plenty dark.
*Don’t be deterred by the warning on the box that says it’s not to be used for dying your eyebrows.  The instructions inside the box tell you how to use it for dying your eyebrows….go figure 😉

Where to Buy:  4-piece kit on Amazon (items sold individually as well but the best value is in the kit)

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