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Dye Your Eyebrows at Home - Refectocil Review

If you read my blog of 30 Random Facts About Me, you will know that my least favorite part of my makeup routine is filling in my eyebrows.  But I do it because I have several "bald" spots and my eyebrows are naturally a really pale blonde.

Something that has really helped with my eyebrow routine is dying my eyebrows.  This is something that can be done by an esthetician.  However, most charge $30+ and for me it only lasted about 2 weeks. 

After doing some research, I found a DIY kit by Roux for $35 at my local Sally's Beauty Supply and decided to try dying them myself at home.  While this kit did work, the color faded rather quickly and I had to be super careful when applying not to get it on my skin because it will stain it in a hot minute!
After more research, I came across rave reviews for a brand called Refectocil.  After finding a kit on Amazon for around $25, I decided it was worth trying.
There's no beating around the bush....this stuff is AWESOME!
*Super easy to a…

Quick Tip Tuesday: Perfect Winged Liner

You want to achieve a crisp, winged eyeshadow or liner-look but the scotch tape method tugs too much on the delicate skin around your eye.

Use 1" sticky tabs by 3M or the Target store brand.  I saw this mentioned on a YouTube video by Mayratouchofglam and thought it was brilliant so I had to try it out.  Works like a charm!
After applying your eyelid primer, simply line up the sticky edge of the tab with the edge of the lower lash line, extending up toward the brow.
Apply eyeshadow and liner...

Remove the tabs and voila, perfect winged liner with no excess tugging on the eye area!
Clean up any fallout from your eyeshadow, apply your mascara and you are done!