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30 Random Facts About Me

Years ago, I remember emails circulating among friends that had a list of questions you were suppose to answer and send on to a group of friends.  Anyone remember those?  I loved them because it gave me an opportunity to see how well I really knew my friends and pick up a few more tidbits about them that I may not have known before.  So today, I thought it'd be fun to share 30 random facts about me that many of you may not know.  Ready?  Let's go!
I could eat a whole can of black or California green olives in one sitting.My favorite Starbucks drink in the summer is a white chocolate frapuccinoWhen I order a hot drink at Starbucks, I order it "extra hot".I was home-schooled in Kindergarten and First GradeFavorite all-time classical piece of music is Clair de Lune.I have zero tattoos and plan to keep it that way :-)However, I'd consider having my eyebrows or eye liner tattoo'd.My least favorite part of my makeup routine is filling in my eyebrows.I'm allergic…