Browse My Stash: bareMinerals Loose Blushes & All-Over Face Colors

As I was doing a little Spring Cleaning a few weeks ago, I noticed my massive collection of bareMinerals blushes and thought it might be time for another “Browse My Stash” blog!

Today, you’ll be browsing my stash of
bareMinerals Loose Blushes and All-Over-Face Colors

Now, I know what you’re thinking…..”why on earth would anyone need that many blushes?” Well, before you think I’ve gone completely mad, let me explain πŸ™‚  Most of these came in a kit of some kind.  If you are a fan of bareMinerals, you know that the most economical way to buy their products is by purchasing a kit.  And, when they have their “Beauty Rush” sales, there are even more amazing deals!  Many times when I need mascara or Mineral Veil, I can find a kit in their clearance section that usually includes several products, including a blush for less than the cost of the mascara or mineral veil by itself.  Here’s just an example of one of those great deals….full-size mascara, eye-primer, eyeliner, lip-tint and blush for $10.50! Thus, the plethora of blushes you see pictured above πŸ™‚

So what’s the difference between a Blush and an All-Over Face Color?  The idea behind the all-over face colors is that you can use them “all over your face” to warm up or change the tone of your complexion.  Since most of them contain some shimmer, however, I tend to use them as a blush or a highlight on my cheeks (except Faux Tan which I do use all over the face).

bareMinerals Loose Blushes and All-Over Face Colors – Review:
*High quality ingredients, without all of the bad stuff πŸ™‚ 
*Great pigmentation/color payoff
*Wide variety of colors and finishes
*Great staying power throughout the day
*Don’t be stymied by the loose form!  While it does make them a little messy to work with (see tips for applying below), it also makes them super easy to blend and gives them a longer “shelf-life” as they don’t have any “binder ingredients”. 
*Can also be applied as an eyeshadow or mixed with a lip balm/gloss and worn on the lips!

Glee is the perfect rosy transition color in the crease of the eye and also gives the lips that ever popular “90s” lipstick shade when combined with chapstick.

0.03 oz = full size (referred to as “medium” on BE website)/0.1 oz = jumbo all-over-face-colors.  Many times in various kits, blushes will be offered in a “small” size and that is .02 oz/.57g.
$20 each (if purchased individually). As I mentioned previously, you can save a TON of money by purchasing blushes in kits, especially if you shop the “Beauty Rush” sales on the Bare Escentuals website.
How To Apply (and avoid a mess :-):
If the blush does not have the locking sifter in the top, dip the tip of a brush into the blush and swirl it in the lid of the blush; tap off the excess and apply.  If there is a locking sifter, open and just tap a small amount of blush into the lid; then swirl, tap and apply! For some of the more vibrant shades, you may want to tap the top of your brush on a tissue or the back of your hand before applying to the cheek to be sure you don’t apply too much.
Where To Buy:
Best selection ~ Bare Escentuals’ Boutiques or online at  Also available at Sephora, Ulta, and
Favorite, Most Worn Colors:
Applause, Faux Tan, Flowers, Glee, Haute Pink, Morning, Rose Radiance, Velvet (see * color swatches below) 

Swatches (in alphabetical order)
(Scroll to the bottom for side-by-side swatches, grouped by shade)

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Applause*  
Description:  Matte nude tan with a slightly peachy undertone

Why I Love It: This is my go-to blush to wear with a dark smoky eye.  Perfect neutral shade!

  bareMinerals Loose Blush – Avant-garden  
Description:  Matte pink – slightly more yellow undertone than Peek-a-boo

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Beauty  
Description:  Matte pink with cool/blue-based undertones

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Cheerful 
Description:  Matte, light pink with a neutral undertone

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Chuckle 
Description:  Matte, light yellow-based pink with sporadic flecks of gold glitter (glitter really doesn’t transfer to the cheeks)

 bareMinerals All-Over Face Color – Faux Tan*
Description:  Mid-tone neutral tan with a slight satin finish
Why I Love It:  For a number of years this was my go-to bronzer.  I’ve repurchased this a couple of times πŸ™‚  It’s perfect for warming up the complexion and giving the face a healthy glow.

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – First Class 
Description:  Rosy nude with tiny silver flecks

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Flowers*
Description:  Matte, mid-tone bright coral pink
Why I Love It: The perfect summer blush for me.  Pairs well with just about any eye look and is what I reach for when I can’t decide if I want to go with a pink or peach cheek.

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Frisky
Description:  Matte, mid-toned peach

 bareMinerals All-Over Face Color – Glee* 
Description:  Matte, mid-tone brownish plum
Why I Love It:  I love using this in the winter as a blush or anytime of the year as an eyeshadow.  Reminds me a lot of Exposed by Tarte. 

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Haute Pink* 
Description:  Matte, bright pink with slight purple undertones
Why I Love It: This looks scary but when applied very lightly, it gives the cheeks a healthy pink “glow”.  Love to pair this with a pink or purple eye look.

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Hint of Truth 
Description:  Shimmery rosy nude

  bareMinerals All-Over Face Color – Love Radiance 
Description:  Pale peach with a fine shimmery glow

  bareMinerals Loose Blush – Miracle 
Description:  Matte, medium cool-toned pink

  bareMinerals Loose Blush – Morning* 
Description:  Matte, light peachy nude
Why I Love It: This looks like it wouldn’t do anything for the cheeks, but it looks great on my pale winter cheeks, paired with a dark smoky eye.

bareMinerals Loose Blush – Naughty, Naughty 
Description:  Rosy nude with a pearlized finish

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Peek-a-boo 
Description:  Matte, neutral light pink

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Pink Ribbon 
Description:  Matte lilac pink

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Rose Diamond 
Description:  Mid-toned warm rose with a satin finish

 bareMinerals All-Over Face Color – Rose Gold Radiance* 
Description:  Pale, dusty pink with a golden pearl finish
Why I Love It: This gives my pale winter cheeks a hint of color and glow but also looks great on top of other blushes.  Normally, I prefer a matte blush but somehow this one manages to gives a slight glow without highlighting my pores.

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Rose Quartz 
Description:  Peachy tan with a pearl glow

 bareMinerals Loose Blush – Tulip 
Description:  Matte dark coral (more pink than Frisky)

bareMinerals Loose Blush – Velvet* 
Description:  Matte burnt red with an orange undertone
Why I Love It:  Another blush that looks very scary but when applied with a super light hand, it can look like a very natural flush.

Side-by-side Color Comparisons

Hopefully that was fun and helpful to those of you that are shopping online or in a store that won’t let you “try before you buy”.

Lots of blogs coming soon, including reviews of new products, “Palette of the Week” and 30+ Random Facts About Me…..Stay tuned!

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