Ebates: Earn Cash Back for Shopping Online – Fact or Fiction?

Over the past year, I’ve heard so many people on YouTube talk about Ebates and have seen several TV commercials recently for it as well.  While it sounds great to be able to “earn cash back just for shopping online”, frankly, it sounded too good to be true.  

About 2 months ago, a friend from church that knows I love to shop online, asked me if I’d ever heard of Ebates.  She had joined and was quite pleased with it and thought I might find it very rewarding too.  So I joined to check it out firsthand and see what all the fuss was about….

What is Ebates and how does it work?

It’s like an online “portal” that you use to access over 1500 merchants’ websites (i.e., Sephora, Ulta, Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Vitacost, Walmart, etc.).  By using the Ebates “portal”, you earn cash back based on the amount of the purchase you make with a merchant. The cash back percentage varies by merchant (anywhere from 1.5% to 15%+). Ebates also tracks all of the current offers for each merchant and gives you the applicable coupon codes when you search a merchant.  Here’s how it works:
1. Go to the Ebates website first before you begin shopping
2. Look up the merchant where you want to shop (any coupon codes will appear next to the merchant’s name as well as the current cash back percentage for that merchant)
3. Click on the link to take you directly to the merchant’s website
4. Shop and make your purchase like you normally would 
5. Once your order ships, Ebates credits your account with the cash back for that purchase 

How do you get paid and how often?

You can either choose to have the “Cash Back” deposited into a Paypal account or have them send you a “Big Fat Check”.   Payments are made once a quarter (every 3 months).

Bottom line, is it “Fact or Fiction”?

FACT!  I’ve not only received my first “Big Fat Check” but also received my introductory $10 gift card for Macy’s (which came about a month after my first purchase). 

So, whether you are still wrapping up some last minute Christmas shopping or are dreaming about what to spend your Christmas money on, sign up for Ebates and get some extra cash back on those purchases!  It’s free to join and if you click on the link below, you will receive a special introductory offer after making your first purchase through Ebates, and I’ll receive something extra too 🙂  Happy Shopping!

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