Quick Tip Tuesday: DIY Sachet

Musty, stale smelling clothes that have been stored away for the season.  Even though the clothes were clean when you put them away, you find you need to wash them again or hang them outside for several hours to get rid of the smell.

Make this simple sachet with Downy Unstoppables and a dryer sheet.  Place the sachet in with the clothes and store in a Space Bag and/or in a Rubbermaid container with a good-fitting lid.  When it's time to switch out your wardrobe for the next season, you will be pleasantly surprised at the fresh scent that greets you when you open the box/bag.

I just pulled out my winter clothes that had been stored for over 5 months and they smelled like they'd just come out of the wash.  Cheers to the easiest seasonal clothing switch ever!
DIY Sachet
Items Needed:
1- Dryer Sheet
1 Tablespoon (approx.) - Downy Unstoppables 
1 - twisty tie

*Place Downy Unstoppables in the center of the dryer sheet
*Carefully gather the edges of the dryer sheet up around the Downy Unstoppables
*Secure with a twisty tie