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Recipe for Heavenly Whipped Cream

Not long ago, I ran out of yogurt and needed something to add to the fresh strawberries I was fixing for my husband.  I happened to have some whipping cream and suddenly harkened back to my days as a coffee barista at Peaberry Coffee.  The whipped cream we made to top the coffee drinks was absolutely the BEST!  What was the secret?  Instead of adding sugar to the whipping cream, we added a mix of Irish Cream and Vanilla flavored syrups.  When combined, these flavors make what is commonly known as "French Vanilla".
Well, I just so happen to keep "French Vanilla" syrup on hand (it's one of my favorites to add to coffee or tea).  So I whipped up a batch of this heavenly whipped cream and it was SO delicious, my husband and I wanted to just skip the strawberries and go right to the bowl of whipped cream!  Several weeks later, my BFF came for a visit and I whipped up a batch for her to taste.  She thought it was absolutely delectable!  

Some of you may have never atte…

Fruit and Yogurt Burrito

Some time ago, I was trying to figure out something new for dinner.  Since, my husband and I typically eat huge meals in the evenings, I knew it needed to be something light but filling.  I had a hankering for something with strawberries and all of the sudden the idea of a fruit burrito came to mind. 
As I pondered what all to put in the burrito, I decided Marscapone cheese should be in there (even though I'd never actually tried it before ;-).  I also thought Yogurt could be kind of like a "sauce" to help bring everything together.  Then I needed a fruit two favorite combos are strawberries, mandarin oranges and bananas; or strawberries, blueberries and bananas.  Finally, I decided a little "crunch" wouldn't hurt so I added some French Vanilla Granola and wrapped it all in a giant flour tortilla.  Not only is this delicious but it's very filling and satisfying too!
This is one of those meals that would be perfect any time of day, especi…