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Browse My Stash - NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses

Today you will be browsing my stash of NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses
Review: *Pigmentation varies from shade to shade; most pigmented shades seem to be those with a frost or pearl finish
*Non-sticky formula
*Nice "doe foot" applicator *Comfortable to wear and they feel moisturizing on the lips
*Scented - some have likened the scent to cherry cough syrup ;-)
*Available in over 35 shades!!!

Cost:  $5 ~ Shop Ulta's sales and you can get them as low as $3!

Where To Buy: Ulta, and now at most Target stores!

Summary:  When I first discovered these glosses, I really went "hog-wild" and bought tons of colors.  For the price, I think they are a nice gloss and I love all of the color choices.  Some of the color names have nothing to do with the color however, so don't rely on that to tell you the actual color of the gloss.  For example, the color "Beige" is actually pink, not tan.  While I personally prefer a little more stickiness in my glosses (i.e., M…

A Day In The Life of a Pastor's Wife + OOTD

Ever been curious about what exactly a "pastor's wife" does all day?  If I've learned one thing in my 11 years as a pastor's wife, it's that I can plan how my day/week is going to go but all that can be changed in minutes with just one phone call from a church member.  Typically though, Wednesdays and Sundays are fairly routine so I thought I'd start with sharing one of these "routine" days with you.  Hope you enjoy!

7:00am - Rise and Shine!  I know this seems like sleeping in for many of you, but I am often up past midnight so it makes 7am seem awfully early :-)
After a quick shower, it was time for some vitamins....  ...and a big cup of coffee, along with a half of a Breakfast Cookie.  YUM!
While I put on my makeup, I listened to my Bible reading selection for the day...
Then it was time to get dressed.
After a last-minute shoe change, it was close to 9:30 and time to get to church!  Since I had several things scheduled today and knew I'd…