Simply Fruit – Fruit Rolls Review

As a kid, it wasn’t often that my mom would buy Fruit Roll-Ups.  So it was a GREAT day when I’d open up my sack lunch and see a Fruit Roll-Up in there.  There was something about that tangy sweetness and the chewy texture that made them one of my favorite treats.  As an adult, I’ll admit that a few boxes of Fruit Roll-Ups may have made their way into my shopping basket on occasion ;-).  However, while the calorie count was low, one look at the ingredients (e.g., partially hydrogentated oil, corn syrup, sugar, artificial colors) told me this was probably not the healthiest “snack” for my body. 

One day, while perusing the fruit snacks at Target, I saw this box….

Simply Fruit – Fruit Rolls, by the makers of the original Fruit Roll-Ups.  I looked at the ingredients and was thrilled to see that they didn’t contain ANY added sugar, corn syrup or artificial colors.  And, they were still only 50 calories, per roll.  The box went into my basket, and I couldn’t wait to get home to try them. 

As you can see the packaging is just like the regular Fruit Roll-Ups….

 They unroll the same way and have that peel-away cellophane wrapper just like the originals….

 And, most importantly, they taste great!  The chewy texture and the slightly “tangy”, fruity taste is there but without all the bad stuff!

I’d say that Fruit Roll-Up found a way to make my favorite childhood snack with adult approved ingredients.  Next time your kids are begging for fruit snacks, give these a try…..I think everyone will be happy 🙂

Where To Buy:  Super Target (this is the only store locally where I’ve seen them)

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