Browse My Stash - bareMinerals Eyeshadows - Pinks/Oranges/Reds

Welcome back for the much anticipated, final Part 5 of my bareMinerals eyeshadow collection!

Today, you get to browse my stash of 
bareMinerals Eyeshadows - Pinks/Oranges/Reds
Favorite, Most Worn Colors: 
Pinks ~ Beautiful Lisa, Heart
Oranges ~ Bare Skin, Citrus Twist, Ginger Peach Smoothie, Pinot Noir

Reds ~ Black Ruby, Here Kitty, Now
(see * color swatches below)

 As you will see, several of these colors could fall into other color groupings, but this is how I group them in my makeup drawers :-)

Individual Swatches  - Pinks
(In Alphabetical Order)
bareMinerals Glimmer - Beautiful Lisa*
Description:  Dark, cool-toned pink with frost finish
How I wear it: In the center of the lid with Nude Beach in the inner corner, a dark green (Lush Topaz) or matte navy (Midnight Sky or Marina) in the outer corner and Frolic or a matte nude shade in the crease.

bareMinerals Eyecolor - Demure*
Description:  Pale matte pink with slightly peach undertones
bareMinerals Eyecolor - Frolic
Description:  Cool-toned, medium pink with a satin finish
bareMinerals Glimmer - Heart*
Description:  Beautiful shimmery mauve
How I wear it: Love this all over the lid with a dark plum (Legit or Sugar Plum) in the outer corner and Nude Beach in the inner corner.
bareMinerals Glimmer - Hope
Description:  Medium, shimmery neutral pink
bareMinerals Glimpse - Salsa
Description:  Shimmery pink, slightly warmer and brighter than Beautiful Lisa
bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Silk Rose
Description:  Medium, warm rosey pink with a satin finish
bareMinerals Glimmer - Take Me
Description:  Cool-toned, baby pink with a slight pearl finish

Individual Swatches  - Oranges (In Alphabetical Order)
 bareMinerals Glimmer - Bare Skin*
Description:  Shimmery, peachy nude
How I wear it: All over the lid with Sure Thing or Queen Tiffany in the outer corner and crease.
bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Citrus Twist*
Description:  Shimmery peachy-pink
How I wear it: All over the lid with Sugar Plum or Devotion in the outer corner and crease.

bareMinerals Glimpse - Ginger Peach Smoothie*
Description:  Shimmery golden peach
How I wear it:  All over the lid with Frills in the outer corner or softly blended in the crease with Graphite all over the lid.

bareMinerals Glimpse - Pinot Noir*
Description:  Medium burnt orange with a slightly shimmery finish
How I wear it:  All over the lid with Now or Midnight Sky in outer corner and crease.  This is a beautiful color that makes blue and green eyes pop!

bareMinerals Glimmer - Radiant Rebecca
Description:  Shimmery peachy tan
  bareMinerals Glimmer - the 70's
Description:  Bright medium matte orange with silver glitter

Individual Swatches  - Reds (In Alphabetical Order)

 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Black Ruby*
Description:  Shimmery blackened burgundy
How I wear it:  This is gorgeous! Love it blended into the outer corner with Celestine or Finesse all over the lid and Here Kitty blended in the crease.  Also works great wet or dry as a liner along the bottom lash line.
bareMinerals Glimmer - Here Kitty*
Description:  Deep shimmery cranberry
How I wear it:  For a beautiful, cranberry smokey eye, I put it all over the lid with Queen Phyllis in the inner corner, Wearable Pecan Medium softly blended in the crease and Black Ruby in the outer corner.  For a softer look, I love it blended in the outer "v" with Celestine all over the lid.
bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Now*
Description:  Matte dark plum with reddish undertones
How I wear it: In the outer corner and crease with Pinot Noir or Cupcake all over the lid.  Also works great, wet or dry as a liner on upper and lower lashline.
bareMinerals Glimmer - Sex Kitten (who comes up with these names?!)
Description:  Shimmery coppery/reddish brown
bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Shantung
Description:  Reddish purple with pink shimmer
bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Sure Thing
Description:  Dark brownish plum with a hint of red shimmer

I hope you have enjoyed browsing my stash of bareMinerals eyeshadows!  This was the final part in the bareMinerals series.  If you've missed any of the other blogs, click on the links below to view them:
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