Clean With Me Monday Final Challenge - Filing Cabinets and Desk Drawers

*Clean out desk drawers and filing cabinets, tossing/shredding old documents, receipts, etc. that are no longer needed

*Approximate time ~ 1-2 hours +

*Tips:  This is a great task for a cold/rainy/snowy day....curl up on the floor with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and start sorting through files and drawers.  Consider purchasing sturdy cardboard file boxes from an office supply store and keep your old tax returns, business documents, etc. that you don't need to access regularly but need to keep.  Sort remaining documents and determine what needs to be kept and what must be shredded.

Personal Notes:  This was the final big task awaiting my attention in my house and if I'm perfectly honest, I was dreading it!  But once I got started, it really wasn't all that bad!  My poor shredder sure got a workout but when all was said and done, I cleared out one entire 2-drawer filing cabinet and added space in the other one.  For those of you that joined me in these weekly cleaning challenges, I hope you have found them helpful and that your home is cleaner and more organized than it was a year ago!  Now we just need to keep it that way, right? :-)

Happy Cleaning!