Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Pre-Christmas Purge

*Fill at least one box/bag with toys, clothes or household items and donate them.

*Approximate time ~ 15-30 minutes

*Tips:  Think about the gifts you and/or your children may be receiving for Christmas (toys, clothes, etc.) and focus on getting rid of the excess before Christmas day arrives.  Make this a quick purge....don't spend too much time going through every item in your closet and in your kids' toy box.  Instead aim for those items you know right away that it's time to get rid of.  If you have family members that are particularly resistant to letting go of their things, remind them these toys/clothes are going to children/families that may not have very much and will really appreciate receiving these things.  Encourage them to join in and help you pick out a few things to donate.

Personal Notes:  As you may have noticed, I've given myself a few weeks off from cleaning projects.  When my mother-in-law was here, she remarked several times about how clean the house was and that it "looked like a show home".  So I decided I'd allow myself to do a little "coasting" through to the end of the year. There's still one more project to tackle.....but I'll get to that after Christmas :-)

Happy Cleaning!