BareMinerals Convertible Eyeshadow Palette – Review and Swatches

When bareMinerals introduced this palette a few months ago, I was ecstatic!  
Previously, the bareMinerals READY shadow palettes were only available in groups of 2, 4 or 8 shadows.  While I have enjoyed several of these palettes, I always found myself wishing I could customize these palettes and add the colors that I wanted in a palette.  Furthermore, I also felt that a palette with 12 shadows was much more likely to find it’s way into my travel bag because, let’s face it, a girl likes to have options when she travels! 
Even though I wasn’t sure I loved all of the colors in this palette, I decided to purchase it, hoping that bareMinerals would eventually offer individual READY shadows that I could add to this palette.  Now, after “test-driving” it for over a month, I wanted to share my thoughts on the palette and show you swatches of the colors.
The case for the palette is plastic and looks like this….
(please pardon my dust 🙂
The center section of this palette holds 3 shadows and can be removed, making it easy to throw in your purse.
On the inside of the palette, there is a good-sized mirror, 12 shadows and a travel-sized, double-ended brush….
 On the bottom of the palette, you can see the names of the shadows….

 …as well as a diagram on how to apply the shadows.  Each shadow has a number assigned to it and this diagram shows how they recommend applying each color, according to the number it’s been assigned.

Before we get to swatches, here are the pros and cons that I see with this palette:
*Love the idea of being able to “customize” my palette
*Shadows have great pigmentation and staying power
*Virtually NO fall out when applying, even the shadows with sparkle
*Good-sized shadows (the pan size appears larger than those on the other READY shadow palettes; however the net weight is the same ~ 1.5 grams)
*Shadows are easy to pop out
Favorite Colors:  Daydream, Embellish, Hot Commodity, Max Volume, Mixologist, Perspective (see * color swatches below)
*Because the shadows are popped out from the bottom of the palette, it’s creates a couple of problems:
—-The palette “rattles” around when you pick it up and/or carry it in a bag.
—-Even though the shadows can’t be popped out while the cover is closed, they can be pushed in slightly and loosened which allows for dirt and lint to get in and also makes it questionable for travel.
*My biggest disappointment, however, is the poor color selection! Take a look at these 5 colors…

While these aren’t bad colors, I feel like at least 2 of these shadows are unnecessary.  I would have swapped out Stealth and Muse for at least one mid-tone matte nude color for blending and perhaps a beautiful cranberry shade.  Be aware that four of these shades (all except Custom Made) are “repeat” colors that have also been offered in 2.0 READY palettes.

The other color disappointment came with these two shades….

These are SO similar that I would have loved to see one of these colors replaced with a matte black or a lighter, more distinct, shimmery gray.
Overall, I do think this is a great palette and now that it’s on-sale for $34, I think it’s a great buy!  While it’s not my ideal choice of colors, I will continue to hope that bareMinerals will one-day offer individual shadows for purchase that can be added to make it my ideal palette 🙂
Now let’s get to the Swatches:
(In Alphabetical Order)
 Custom Made
Color Description: Frosty baby pink
How to wear it:  All over the lid with In Vogue, Perspective or Panorama blended in the outer “V”
Color Description:  Matte bone
How to wear it:  Perfect for brow highlight and to help blend out darker crease colors
Color Description:  Medium, cool-toned taupe with silver glitter
How to wear it:  All over the lid with Perspective blended in the outer “V” and crease.
Hot Commodity*
Color description:  Warm, shimmery, medium bronze-gold (dupe for MAC’s Woodwinked)
How to wear it:  All over the lid and softly blended in the crease
In Vogue
Color Description:  Vibrant purple with slight pearl finish
How to wear it:  Outer “V” and softly blended in the crease
Color Description:  Matte dark navy
How to wear it:  Create a navy smoky eye by placing this all over the lid; also great worked into the outer “v” with a lighter shade on the lid
Max Volume*
Color Description:  Dark, shimmery emerald green
How to wear it:  Create a green smoky eye by placing this all over the lid and using Perspective to darken the outer “V”
Color Description:  Shimmery champagne
How to wear it:  Perfect inner corner highlight
Color Description:  Super pale shimmery pink
How to wear it:  Use alone or blended with Mixologist as an inner corner highlight
Color Description:  Blue-toned charcoal gray with a slight pearl finish
How to wear it:  Blended in the outer “V” with a lighter color on the lid
Color Description:   Dark coffee brown with tiny (almost undetectable) bits of sparkle
How to wear it:  Blended in the outer “V” or all over the lid for a dark brown smoky eye
Color Description:  Pale peach with slight pearl finish
How to wear it:  Brow highlight

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