Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Clean Windows - Part 1

*Clean windows, inside and out (weather permitting) on half the house.
BONUS CHALLENGE: Spray off the exterior of half the house as well as any patio(s)/deck(s)

*Approximate time ~ 1 hour + 30 minutes for Bonus Challenge

*Tips:  If you are doing the Bonus Challenges, start by spraying off the exterior of the house and patio(s). Remove screens from windows. Spray off screens and the exterior of the windows. Then use a rag or sponge dipped in a mixture of warm water, Dawn dish soap (or whatever brand you have on hand) and a good splash of Windex cleaner to clean the windows. Rinse well and dry off with a squeegee or towel. If you have already unhooked the hose for winter, skip the outside cleaning and just concentrate on the inside.  Clean inside of windows with Windex and a squeegee and/or a towel.

Personal Notes:  Oh how I hate cleaning windows, but what a difference it makes!  Here's to hoping my mother-in-law notices all the extra sunlight streaming in those sparkling clean windows in her guest room!

Happy Cleaning :-)