Browse My Stash - bareMinerals Eyeshadows - Browns

Welcome back for Part 3 of my bareMinerals eyeshadow collection!

Today, you get to browse my stash of 
bareMinerals Eyeshadows - Browns

Favorite, Most Worn Colors:  Coffee Bean, Drama, Queen Tiffany, Snazzy, Tiger's Eye, Twig, Wearable Pecan Medium, You Can Never Be Too Rich Brown (see * color swatches below)

Individual Swatches 

(In Alphabetical Order)
 bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Camp 
Description:  Medium shimmery brown with slight peach undertones
 bareMinerals Eyecolor - Cleopatra 
Description:  Warm sparkly cinnamon
 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Coffee Bean*
Description:  Matte dark espresso brown
How I wear it: Wet or dry, this is my favorite eye liner shade when I don't want to wear black.  It's dark enough to provide definition but doesn't look as harsh as black.
 bareMinerals Eyecolor - Cognac Diamond 
Description:  Medium warm brown with copper sparkle
 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Downtown 
Description:  Shimmery medium taupe
 bareMinerals Glimmer - Drama* 
Description:  Cool-toned shimmery taupe with a slight purple undertone
How I wear it:  Great all-over-the-lid color or looks great blended in the outer corner and slightly into the crease with a lighter color on the lid such as Nude Beach or Grace.
 bareMinerals Glimmer - Queen Tiffany* 
Description:  Medium shimmery bronze
How I wear it: One of my all-time favorite colors and looks great with Queen Phyllis or Bare Skin!
 bareMinerals Eyecolor - Restore 
Description:  Dark, shimmery cool-toned brown
 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Retro 
Description:  Matte blackest brown
 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Root 
Description:  Medium khaki with subtle silver sparkle
 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Smoky Diamond 
Description:  Dark, cool-toned brown with silver sparkle and purple undertones
 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Smoky Quartz 
Description:  Matte, dark charcoal brown
 bareMinerals Eyecolor - Snazzy* 
Description:  Medium mauve brown with a pearl finish
How I wear it: Even though this isn't completely matte, I love this blended in the crease with Humor all over the lid.
 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Tiger's Eye* 
Description:  Dark brown with a hint of silver sparkle
How I wear it: Wet or dry, this is another great liner shade alternative to black. There is a slight sparkle but that really doesn't show much when worn as a liner.
 bareMinerals Eyecolor - Twig* 
Description: Dark, shimmery, minky brown 
How I wear it: Really beautiful paired with peach and pink shades like Finesse and Heart.
 bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Wearable Chestnut Dark 
Description:  Dark matte rusty brown
 bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Wearable Pecan Medium* 
Description:  Matte medium terra-cotta
How I wear it: Honestly, I didn't wear this shade at all for the longest time.  Then suddenly, I tried using it lightly blended in the crease to warm up cool-tone eye looks and I fell in love!
bareMinerals Eyeshadow - You Can Never Be Too Rich Brown
Description:  Matte, wine/plum brown
How I wear it:  Blend into the outer "V" and pair with a shimmery peachy-pink shade on the lid like Finesse or Heart.

Since there are many similar colors, I also did a side-by-side color comparison to show the slight variations between the shades

Light to Medium Browns
 Medium to Dark Browns

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