Clean With Me Monday - Garbage Disposal Drain

*Clean the underside of the drain on the garbage disposal side of the kitchen sink

*Approximate time ~ 5-10 minutes

*Tips: I think this goes without saying but make sure that the garbage disposal is turned OFF. Put on a disposable rubber or plastic glove. Then wet several paper towels with hot water. Use one paper towel at a time and carefully reach your hand through the rubber gasket on the drain and begin wiping the underside of that gasket and the drain with the paper towel. Repeat this process again and again with a clean paper towel until most all of the "gunk" has been removed. Optional: Once the "gunk" has been removed, deodorize the drain and garbage disposal by pouring a little ammonia down the drain and waiting about 15 minutes before running any water down the drain.

Personal Notes:  The first time I did this, I had been smelling an awful stench around the drain. I ran lots of water and ammonia down the drain and ran the garbage disposal but the smell lingered. So I decided to investigate further and put my hand down the drain. When I pulled my hand out, I knew immediately why my drain was so hand was covered in slimy, stinky gunk! Several paper towels later (and after a thorough hand washing:-), the drain was clean and no longer stinky.

Happy Cleaning!