Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Screens and Windows

*Remove and clean screens from windows in one room; clean windows and vacuum off blinds (if applicable)

*Approximate time ~ 20-30 minutes

*Tips:  Spray off screens with the hose and then stand up against the house and allow to dry before inserting back in your windows.  Open windows and clean the inside track of the windows then close and clean the glass.  For a streak-free finish, be sure not to wash the windows while they are in direct sunlight and use newspapers to dry them.

Personal Notes:  I decided to start my fall window cleaning project with our master bedroom. Since we use a fan in our bedroom window at night, the screens and inside tracks of the windows were filthy! But, after spraying off the screens and doing a quick wipe down on the windows, we are breathing easier, knowing all that dirt and dust are gone!

Happy Cleaning :-)