Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Extra Vacuuming in Bedrooms

*Vacuum under bed(s) and in closet(s)

*Approximate time ~ 5-10 minutes per room

*Tips:  If you store things under your bed, remove items first and then vacuum, using wand and attachments.  If the items are too difficult for you to move, just vacuum around items.  Then remove shoes and other items on the floor of the closet and vacuum.  Be sure to get along the edges and in the corners where spiders and other critters like to "hang" out.

Personal Notes:  My mother-in-law is coming for a visit at the end of November so I'm going to be kicking things into high gear these next few weeks to make sure my house is in tip-top shape.  Many of you may also be hosting family/friends for the holidays so keep tuning in weekly and we'll make sure your home is clean, organized and ready for your guests!

Happy Cleaning :-)