Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Shower Curtains, Mattress Pads and Shams

*Wash shower curtain liner(s), pillow shams and mattress pad(s)

*Approximate time ~ time for 1-2 extra loads of laundry

Tips:  Be sure to check the labels on your shams and mattress pads and ensure they are machine washable; wash accordingly.  As for your shower curtains, if you think the only way to get a clean, sparkly shower curtain liner is to buy a new one, I have a surprise for you! Simply toss your vinyl shower curtain(s) into your washing machine with your usual laundry soap and add some chlorine bleach; wash in hot water. Hang back up in your shower to dry. Viola! You have a sanitized and clean shower curtain that looks like new!

Happy Cleaning! :-)