Clean With Me Monday Challenge - A Mini Purge

*Do a mini "purge" and fill one box with items from around the house that you no longer need that can be donated or tossed.

*Approximate time ~ 15 minutes

*Tips:  Find an empty box or a large bag and start in the room that you already know has a few things that you've been meaning to get rid of but haven't had the time to do so.  Quickly open cupboard, drawers, closets, etc. and place items to be donated in box or bag. 

Personal Notes:  My little mini purge took place in the kitchen.  I started with a few mismatched juice glasses that we no longer use and then opened a few drawers and lo and behold, I remembered it'd been a long time since I'd gone through all my food storage containers (i.e., tupperware, Gladware, etc.).  Of course I found several lids missing their matching containers and vice versa.  After clearing out the old, I was able to free up a whole drawer in my kitchen that I can now use to store my bulky utensils, measuring cups, etc.  See what a little mini-purge can do? :-)

Happy Cleaning!