Friday, September 27, 2013

Browse My Stash - NYX Round Lipsticks

Today you will be browsing my stash of
NYX Round Lipsticks

*Super pigmented
*Extra creamy formula - this reduces the longevity of wear but makes them feel great on the lips!
*Feather resistant formula - the color stays put on my lips without bleeding outside the lip line
*Available in a mind-blowing 100+ shades!!!

Cost:  $3.99 ~ Shop Ulta's sales and you can get them as low as $2.39!

Where To Buy:  Ulta, and now at most Target stores!

Summary:  I really love these lipsticks!  Not only are they super affordable, but they really are a great formula.  Even though you will have to reapply them throughout the day to freshen up the color, they don't get "gloppy" or dry out your lips like some lipsticks do.  And, you cannot beat the color selection!

Favorite, Most Worn Colors:  Circe, Summer Love, Pumpkin Pie, Thalia, Milan, Rosebud, Spellbound, Sunflower (see * color swatches below)

Since there are SO many similar colors to choose from it can be hard to tell one apart from another.  Hopefully, the swatches below and my detailed color descriptions will help you pick the ones best suited for you.


NYX Round Lipstick - LSS522 Circe*
Description: Flesh-tone, medium beige nude (cream finish)
*This is a great color to mute out your natural lip color and help create the perfect nude lip.  To keep from looking "dead", I recommend pairing this with a nude lip liner and a pink lipgloss, like NYX Chandelier.

NYX Round Lipstick - LSS534 Celene
Description: Shimmery warm gold (frost finish)
*Great for helping to tone down blue-based pink and red lipsticks
NYX Round Lipstick - LSS560 Galaxy
Description: Shimmery lavendar gray (frost finish)
*Great for toning down super warm, orange-based lipsticks

NYX Round Lipstick - LSS617 Summer Love*
Description: Pale nude with soft pink undertones (cream finish)
*My favorite "nude but not dead" color :-)

NYX Round Lipstick - LSS556 Iced Honey
Description: Slighty shimmery warm nude pink (pearl finish)

NYX Round Lipstick - LSS630 Pumpkin Pie*
Description: Light, peachy nude (cream finish)
*This is my favorite peach lip color!

NYX Round Lipstick - LSS629 Power
Description: Medium purple-toned pink (cream finish)
*This is a tough one for me to pull off.....I usually pair it with Celene and top with a gold lipgloss.
 NYX Round Lipstick - LSS529 Thalia*
Description: Medium toned mauve pink (cream finish)
*One of my favorites....a nice neutral pink that goes with a lot!

 NYX Round Lipstick - LSS621 Milan*
Description: Light berry mauve (cream finish)
*Great when I want just a little more color but not so much that my lips really stand out.

NYX Round Lipstick - LSS623 Heather
Description: Medium berry mauve (cream finish)

NYX Round Lipstick - LSS628 Tea Rose
Description: Medium warm pink (cream finish)
NYX Round Lipstick - LSS565 B52
Description: Medium rosey nude (cream finish)

NYX Round Lipstick - LSS641 Rosebud*
Description: Baby pink with golden shimmer (frost finish)
*The gold shimmer warms up the pink perfectly for me and it also provides enough shine and sparkle that I can skip applying a lipgloss (very unusual for me :-).
 NYX Round Lipstick - LSS620 Paris
Description: Medium blue-based pink (cream finish)
NYX Round Lipstick - LSS640 Fig
Description: Bright medium warm pink (cream finish)
 NYX Round Lipstick - LSS644 Spellbound*
Description: Bright warm-toned fuchsia (cream finish)
*This is not something I wear everyday but it's one of my "go-to" colors when I want something bold!
NYX Round Lipstick - LSS638 Sunflower*
Description: Bright fiery coral (pearl finish)
*A truly gorgeous color that is another one of my "go-to" colors when I want to wear a bold lip with a neutral eye.
NYX Round Lipstick - LSS549 Rapture
Description: Dark mahogany brown (cream finish)
*I haven't worn this one much but this is one of the hot colors for fall and winter this year!
 Thank you for joining me for the another edition in the Browse My Stash series! Just in case you missed the other blogs in this series, here are the links... 
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Shower Curtains, Mattress Pads and Shams

*Wash shower curtain liner(s), pillow shams and mattress pad(s)

*Approximate time ~ time for 1-2 extra loads of laundry

Tips:  Be sure to check the labels on your shams and mattress pads and ensure they are machine washable; wash accordingly.  As for your shower curtains, if you think the only way to get a clean, sparkly shower curtain liner is to buy a new one, I have a surprise for you! Simply toss your vinyl shower curtain(s) into your washing machine with your usual laundry soap and add some chlorine bleach; wash in hot water. Hang back up in your shower to dry. Viola! You have a sanitized and clean shower curtain that looks like new!

Happy Cleaning! :-)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Bathroom Cabinets/Door

*Wipe down the outside of bathroom cabinets as well as the door into the bathroom
*BONUS Challenge: Throughly clean coffee maker

*Approximate time ~ 15 minutes + 10 minutes for BONUS Challenge

*Tips: Fill a small bucket with hot water and an all purpose cleaner like Lysol or Dawn dish soap. Wipe down cabinets with a sponge or rag and wait about 5 minutes then wipe down again. This will give the solution time to breakdown any dirt, hairspray, etc. on the surface and make it easier to remove.  Rinse sponge/rag and wipe down surface one last time to make sure all cleaning solution is removed.

For the BONUS Challenge, thoroughly wash the carafe and filter basket with hot soapy water. Then fill the water reservoir with about 4 cups of water and 1 Tablespoon of white vinegar. If your coffee maker has a "clean" cycle, turn this on and let it do it's thing.  If not, just turn on coffee make and run through normal brew cycle. Once all the water has been brewed, run another brew/clean cycle with plain water.

Happy Cleaning!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Makeup Look of the Week - Cranberry Smoky Eye

Even though the weather is still blazin' hot here in southern California, I was in the mood for all things FALL related...

So I painted my nails with Revlon Vixen polish....
Enjoyed a cup of Starbucks VIA Pumpkin Spice latte...
And set to work creating this cranberry smokey look, inspired by MakeupbyTiffanyD...

Products Used:
 Lorac Pro Palette Eyeshadows - Cream, Taupe, Garnet, Deep Purple, Espresso, Lt. Bronze & Gold

Idyllic MAC Paintpot

Stila Smudge Stick - Damsel (black/brown)
Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner - Blackest Black
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil - 1999

NYX Lipliner Pencil - Mauve
L'Oreal Lipstick - Gilded Pink
MAC Lipglass - Viva Glam VI
How to get this look:
*Apply primer all over lid up to brow brone
*Optional: Apply a red-based cream shadow such as Idyllic MAC Paintpot all over the lid up to the crease
*Apply Lorac Cream shadow as brow highlight
*Apply Lorac Taupe shadow in the crease and blend
*Press Lorac Garnet shadow all over the lid, on top of the red-based cream shadow
*Apply Lorac Deep Purple to the outer 1/3 of the lid
*Apply Lorac Espresso to the outer crease and blend. Be careful not to bring this dark shade up too far!
*Go back and use the Taupe to blend out any harsh edges above the Espresso
*Go back and apply a little more Garnet shadow to the center of the lid
*Apply Lorac Gold shadow to the inner corner of the eye but not going all the way into the tear duck area
*Apply Lorac Lt Bronze shadow to the inner tear duct and blend into the Gold
*Apply Urban Decay 1999 or any other medium plum liner to bottom lash line
*Working from the outside in, apply Lorac shadows in Deep Purple, Garnet and Gold along the bottom lash line.
*Apply a thin line of Milani liquid eye liner along top lashes
*Apply Stila Smudge Stick eye liner to water line along the bottom lash line

On the rest of my face, I used the following products:
Under Eye Concealers - CoverGirl+Olay (Medium) and Maybelline FitMe (Sand)

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer palette - Medium
MAC Prolongwear Foundation - NC30
Dermablend Loose Setting Powder
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Blush - BareMinerals All Over Face Color - Rose Gold Radiance
MAC Soft and Gentle Highlighter
BareMinerals Brow Color - Dark Blonde/Medium Brown
Origins Underwear for Lashes
BareMinerals Flawless Volumizing Mascara - Black
NYX Lipliner Pencil - Mauve
L'Oreal Lipstick - Gilded Pink
MAC Lipglass - Viva Glam VI

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Browse My Stash - bareMinerals Eyeshadows - Grays/Blues

Welcome back for Part 2 of my bareMinerals eyeshadow collection!

Today, you get to browse my stash of 
bareMinerals Eyeshadows - Grays/Blues

Favorite, Most Worn Colors:  Moss, Black Ice, Wearable Stone Dark, Graphite, Midnight Sky, Humor (see * color swatches below)

bareMinerals Glimmer - 2000
Description:  Sparkly, glittery silver with a pale blue undertone

bareMinerals Eyecolor - Kindness
Description:  Light blue with subtle shimmer
bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Dove
Description:  Matte light cool gray
bareMinerals Glimpse - Moss*
Description:  Shimmery warm gray
How I wear it: This is another beautiful shadow that looks great with peach or something richer like a deep burgundy.

bareMinerals Eyecolor - 1980s
Description:  Shimmery medium cool-toned gray

 bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Wearable Blue Light
Description:  Matte pale blue

bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Wearable Stone Light
Description:  Matte light gray with a hint of blue

 bareMinerals Eyecolor - Black Ice*
Description:  Shimmery medium gray - not too cool, not too warm, just right!
How I wear it: This is gorgeous paired with colors peachy-pink colors like Cupcake!
 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Marina
Description:  Matte charcoal navy

 bareMinerals Eyecolor - Rock Star
Description:  Dark Charcoal with blue and silver glitter

 bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Wearable Medium Blue
Description:  Medium blue with soft sheen

  bareMinerals Eyecolor - Praise
Description:  Denim blue with soft sheen

 bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Wearable Stone Dark*
Description:  Matte medium gray
How I wear it: This is great for creating a more "everyday" gray smoky eye look.  Smudge a black liner along top lashes, apply this color all over lid and then use a warm brown like Wearable Pecan Medium to blend in the crease.

 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Midnight Sky*
Description:  Matte dark navy
How I wear it: This is a very pretty as a liner (wet or dry) or blended into the outer "V".  I love pairing navy blue with pink, peach and gold.
bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Black Leather
Description:  Matte black with a small amount of silver glitter

bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Wearable Blue Dark
Description:  Dark blue with subtle sheen

bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Wearable Stone Medium
Description:  Matte medium cool-toned gray

 bareMinerals Eyeshadow - Graphite*
Description:  Dark charcoal gray with subtle sheen
How I wear it: Another favorite of mine that is perfect for creating a dark smoky eye that is a little softer than using black.  I love to pair this with a soft pink like Finesse or light orange, like Ginger Peach Smoothie.

 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Onyx
Description:  Matte blackest black
How I wear it: This is best worn wet as a liner as the pigment is so rich on this it make a pretty big mess if you try to use it dry!

 bareMinerals Liner Shadow - Humor*
Description:  Medium gray with gold shimmer and slight olive undertones
How I wear it: Love wearing this all over the lid with a warm brown, like Snazzy, blended in the crease and High Style as a brow highlight.

For a full review of the bareMinerals loose eyeshadows, check out Part 1 in this series, bareMinerals Eyeshadows - Light/Neutrals

Next up ~ I'll be taking a break from my bareMinerals collection to bring you a new fall-inspired makeup look and then you'll be browsing my stash of NYX Lipsticks!  Stay tuned!