Clean With Me Monday - Clear the Cobwebs

*Clean along the edge and in the corners of the ceiling in the living room, entry way, hallway and one bedroom

*Approximate time ~ 15+ minutes, depending on method used

Tips:  The easiest and quickest way to accomplish this task is by using the wand on your vacuum cleaner.  Go along the edges of the ceiling and in the corners.  If you don't have a wand or long attachment on your vacuum, you can also use a long handled duster (Swiffer makes one) but this will probably also require the use of a step stool or ladder.

Personal Notes:  Cobwebs seem to go completely undetected in my house until the light hits just right (which is usually when I have guests over :-) or I happen to spot the other sign that a cobweb is near....a spider...yikes!  So, even though I hadn't seen a cobweb, I decided it'd been a long time since I'd cleaned these areas.  We have a vaulted ceiling in the living room so it took a really good stretch and standing on my tip toes to reach those top corners :-)

Happy Cleaning!