Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Closet Doors

*Wipe down outside of closet doors.  BONUS Challenge Wash comforter on your bed (if you already do this every week, you get a gold star! :-)

*Approximate time ~ 5-10 minutes per closet + time for one load of laundry (if doing bonus challenge)

Tips:  Use a damp cloth with warm water to wipe down wood/painted doors.  For mirrored closet doors, lightly spray with windex and wipe with paper towels or newspaper.

Personal Notes:  Newspapers to clean glass? What?!  My grandparents used to do this and I'm sure I've heard this tip a dozen or more times but I never tried it because I didn't really think it would work.  But, I decided to give it a try on my mirrored closet doors and it worked like a charm!  There were no streaks left behind (like often happens when I use paper towels) and I was amazed at how much solution one page of the newspaper could absorb! Talk about budget friendly!

Happy Cleaning :-)