Clean With Me Monday Challenge – Spices and Cabinets

*Clean out and re-organize the spice shelf/cupboard; wipe down the kitchen cabinets and drawers

*Approximate time ~ 30-45 minutes

*Tips:  Start by removing all of the spices from their storage place (i.e., cupboard, rack, etc.).  Discard any spices that are expired.  If you are unsure whether they are still good, open them and take a sniff….if there is only a faint scent and/or the spices are caked together inside the container, toss them. Next, fill your sink with hot, soapy water (Dawn Antibacterial Apple Blossom is my favorite :-).  Use a rag dipped in the soapy water to wipe down the shelf/rack thoroughly.  Return the spices you are keeping to the shelf, wiping off each one before putting them in the cabinet.  Then, using your rag and warm soapy water, wipe down each cabinet door, inside and out, along with the handles and the surrounding edges of the base cabinets.  Do the same with all of the drawers and the front of your dishwasher as well.

Personal Notes:  To help make the spices in my cabinet a little easier to see, I purchased a $4 wire spice rack from Walmart.  While it doesn’t hold all of my spices, it was big enough to arrange all of my baking spices on one half of my shelf and then I was able to neatly cram the rest of my spices on the other half of the shelf :-).  And let me tell you how amazing clean cabinets look!  It’s amazing what a difference a quick wipe down can do for the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Happy Cleaning everyone!

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