Clean With Me Monday Challenge – The Linen Closet (Before and After Pictures!)

*Clean out an reorganize the linen closet

*Approximate Time ~ 1-2 hours

*Tips: Begin by removing everything from the closet, clearing off one shelf at a time. Determine what needs to be tossed, donated and saved. Wipe off the shelves (another great time to pull out those Clorox wipes :-). Once the shelves are dry, put everything you are keeping back in the closet. If you find that there is wasted space between shelves and you find you are stacking items on top of each other, consider adding more shelving by using stand-alone wire shelves. I purchased a pack of 3 for less than $10 at Walmart (found in the kitchen utensils section). If you have towels that are in good shape but you no longer need, take them to your local animal shelter. Most animal shelters have a HUGE need for towels and will welcome your donation!

Personal Notes:  As you can see from these “Before” pictures, my linen closet was a jumbled mass of chaos…..

When I finally pulled everything out, I discovered a mountain of old towels that my local animal shelter was thrilled to receive, hot rollers that haven’t been used in a “coon’s age” and all sorts of goodies that are going to find a new home elsewhere. Once the sorting was done, I added 3 wire shelves to help better utilize the space and look at what a difference a little clean out can make….

Happy Cleaning! 🙂

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