Clean With Me Monday Challenge

As you may have guessed due to my lack of posts the past 2 weeks, I have been on vacation! Yea!  Today, however, it's time to get "back in the saddle" and catch up on some cleaning....especially since I have family coming to visit next week!

*Wash curtains, clean windows and blinds (if applicable) in one room

*Approximate Time ~ 15-20 minutes (depending on if you have blinds :-) + time for one load of laundry

Tips:  As always, check the label on your curtains to be sure they are machine washable.  A quick way to clean the dust off blinds is to close them in the downward position.  Then vacuum them off by using the brush attachment, going side to side over each row, working from top to bottom.

Personal Notes:  Cleaning blinds is probably my LEAST favorite chore.  However, by using the vacuum to sweep them off, I find that it's not as time consuming and therefore not entirely painful :-)

Happy Cleaning!