Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Tackle the Stack!

*Tackle that stack of magazines, junk mail, recipe books or whatever is accumulating in that corner....yes, you know which one I mean :-)

*Approximate time ~ 15-30 minutes (depending on the size of your stack)

*Tips:  Do a quick sort through the pile and toss anything that you know you don't need or aren't going to read.  If the remaining pile is a bunch of magazines or recipe books that you really want to page through, keep 3-5 by your couch and peruse them each night during commercials when watching TV.  Tear out any pages/recipes that you want to refer back to and toss the rest of the magazine.  Insert these pages/recipes into page protectors and store them in a loose leaf binder.

Personal Notes:  My stack was Betty Crocker Recipe magazines that I had a subscription to several (I won't say how many ;-) years ago.  While I love the easy recipes in them, I certainly didn't need all three year's worth!  After sorting, I kept 8 but plan to whittle those down even further at a later time after I've actually tried the recipes :-).

Happy Cleaning!