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Nuts for Coconuts!

Recently, I've been on a coconut binge!  It seems that every time I'm in the store or shopping on-line, my coconut-radar goes off and I'm drawn like a magnet to something new being offered in a coconut flavor or scent.  I find that I'm unable to resist that sweet tropical scent/flavor....maybe it's because when I smell it, I'm immediately transported to the beach of some tropical island, and picture myself slathered in suntan lotion and sipping a Pina Colada (sans the Rum of course :-)

So today I thought I'd share some of my favorite products in case you get a craving for coconuts....

Blue Diamond Toasted Coconut Almonds Slightly sweet, sugar-like coating; no chunks of coconut so if you like the flavor of coconut but not the texture, you'll love these! Where to Buy:  Target, Walmart
Newtons Fruit Thins - Toasted Coconut drizzled with Dark Fudge Absolutely delicious!!! And they are filled with great, all natural ingredients and once again, no noticeable bits…

Clean With Me Monday Challenge

As you may have guessed due to my lack of posts the past 2 weeks, I have been on vacation! Yea!  Today, however, it's time to get "back in the saddle" and catch up on some cleaning....especially since I have family coming to visit next week!

*Wash curtains, clean windows and blinds (if applicable) in one room

*Approximate Time ~ 15-20 minutes (depending on if you have blinds :-) + time for one load of laundry

Tips:  As always, check the label on your curtains to be sure they are machine washable.  A quick way to clean the dust off blinds is to close them in the downward position.  Then vacuum them off by using the brush attachment, going side to side over each row, working from top to bottom.

Personal Notes:  Cleaning blinds is probably my LEAST favorite chore.  However, by using the vacuum to sweep them off, I find that it's not as time consuming and therefore not entirely painful :-)

Happy Cleaning!

Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Tackle the Stack!

*Tackle that stack of magazines, junk mail, recipe books or whatever is accumulating in that corner....yes, you know which one I mean :-)

*Approximate time ~ 15-30 minutes (depending on the size of your stack)

*Tips:  Do a quick sort through the pile and toss anything that you know you don't need or aren't going to read.  If the remaining pile is a bunch of magazines or recipe books that you really want to page through, keep 3-5 by your couch and peruse them each night during commercials when watching TV.  Tear out any pages/recipes that you want to refer back to and toss the rest of the magazine.  Insert these pages/recipes into page protectors and store them in a loose leaf binder.

Personal Notes:  My stack was Betty Crocker Recipe magazines that I had a subscription to several (I won't say how many ;-) years ago.  While I love the easy recipes in them, I certainly didn't need all three year's worth!  After sorting, I kept 8 but plan to whittle those down even furth…