Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Baseboards & Extra Vacuuming

*Wipe down baseboards, chair rail/trim and window sills in entryway, living/family room  and hallway
*Bonus Task:  Spend a little extra time with the vacuum in the living/family room, sweeping under the couch(es), chair(s) and under all the cushions; also if you have a fireplace with brick, vacuum that as well.

*Approximate time ~ 10-15 minutes cleaning baseboards; Bonus Task ~ 15 minutes

*Tips:  For cleaning baseboards, use hot water with a little dish soap (i.e., Dawn) and an old rag.  For stubborn marks or scuffs, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Personal Notes:  If you have a brick or stone fireplace and think it looks pretty the vacuum over it and you may be surprised at all that was "lurking" in the crevices and cracks!  Also, if your baseboards/trim need a little touch-up with paint, this is a great time to tackle that.  I'd been putting this task off for quite awhile but finally got that done and it looks so much better!

Happy Cleaning :-)