Clean With Me Monday Challenge - Fans

*Clean the bathroom fan (if applicable), ceiling fans and any portable fans you use for the summer
*Bonus Task:  Wash comforter(s) on beds and mattress pads/covers

*Approximate time ~ 10 minutes per fan; Bonus Task ~ time for 1-2 extra loads of laundry

*Tips:  For the bathroom ceiling fan, be sure the switch is turned off then remove the cover.  Rinse the cover with hot water and dry.  Use the vacuum and/or a damp paper towel to remove lint and dirt around fan opening.  For ceiling and/or portable fans, use damp paper towels to clean each fan blade, motor, etc.

Personal Notes:  I just happened to look up at the fan in the bathroom the other day and saw lint peeking through the vent.  This prompted me to remove the cover and my oh my.....I couldn't believe what I saw!  The fan was installed probably 30 years ago and it looked like it'd not been cleaned since.  But now it's clean and I feel so much better knowing all that dust and lint and dirt is gone!

Happy Cleaning :-)

New Series this week ~ How to find the best deals on makeup!