Clean With Me Monday Challenge – Closet Makeover #2

*Clean out and reorganize 1 closet

*Approximate time ~ 30 minutes to 4 hours

*Tips:  If your closet has shelves, remove everything from the shelves, sorting into piles as you go….throw away, donate, keep. Remove everything from the floor of the closet as well and then sort through the remaining clothes hanging on hangers. Work quickly as you sort.  Don’t spend too much time trying to decide what to keep.  If you aren’t sure you want to get rid of something, put it back in the closet and perhaps you’ll be ready the next time you clean out.  Once the sorting is done, vacuum the floor and wipe off the shelves with a damp cloth or a clorox wipe.  Return items you are keeping back to their proper place.  Bag and donate the items you want to get rid of.  

**Don’t have time for a complete closet overhaul?  Devote 30 minutes to quickly sorting through clothes and straightening shoes, etc.  You’ll be amazed at how much can be accomplished!   

*Personal Notes:  After completing my closet makeover a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to tackle my husband’s closet.  His shelves were disorganized and overflowing….his curtain rod was laden with too many clothes….and I needed to find space to put his socks and shorts that were being stored in another dresser….

**Oops….forgot to take the picture before I started clearing off the shelves…..envision the area marked with a blue arrow filled with clothes.**
Now, my husband didn’t want anything fancy but he needed functionality and order brought to this space.  So I pulled everything out of drawers and off the shelves, amazed at what I found hiding there!  From pink and gray argyle socks that hadn’t been worn since college, to a 5-year-old granola bar in an old gym bag….it was definitely a “treasure hunt”…of sorts 🙂

Finally, after all the sorting was done and my husband agreed to my “donation” pile, I put everything back in the closet, using several fabric bins and covered plastic storage on the top shelf to help keep things organized and dust free.

The finished result?  See for yourself….

While his closet didn’t turn out as “pretty” as mine did (by the way, I did offer to repaint the dresser but he likes it just the way it is :-), it is now a super functional space where everything has it’s proper place and there’s even some room to spare.  Here’s to hoping it stays this way!

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