All Natural Skin Care – Part 4: Makeup Remover and Eye Serum

In lieu of my usual “Clean With Me Monday Challenge” blog, I decided to finish my Natural Skin Care series.  But don’t worry, next Monday I will get back to addressing those areas of our homes that need cleaning and organizing ๐Ÿ™‚

Makeup Removal:
*Almond Oil – I use a little of this on a cotton swab just before putting on my undereye concealer in the morning.  It removes any eyeshadow that has fallen down when I applied my eye makeup and also adds a bit of moisture to help my concealer glide on with ease.

*Coconut oil – I use this at night to remove my eye makeup.  Just place several drops on a cotton ball or cotton pad and gently press onto eyelids and lashes to loosen and remove makeup. You can use this to remove all of your face makeup as well but I personally prefer using soap to remove my face makeup and coconut oil just on my eyes.

Typically, coconut oil will solidify when the room temperature drops below 75-80 degrees.  But, if you scoop some out in your hand, the heat of your body will immediately start to melt it, making it easier to spread on your skin.  If you are like me and don’t want to mess with that for makeup removal, Nature’s Way Liquid Coconut Oil has been Expeller Pressed so it stays liquid, even at cooler temperatures.  I’m sure most nutritionists would say that some of the benefits of the coconut oil are lost in this process but it’s still natural and since I just use this version for makeup removal, I don’t mind.  The dispenser on the bottle is a little hard to control so to prevent waste, I fill up a 1 oz. amber glass bottle with the oil and use a dropper to dispense the proper amount.

Eye Serum/Moisturizer:
 *Coconut Oil – not only is this good for removing makeup but it’s also a great allover moisturizer, including under the eye.  To get the full benefits of the coconut, I use an unrefined, fresh pressed oil for this application.  My favorite is Dr. Bronner’s.  While this is great for a nighttime moisturizer, I wouldn’t recommend this oil under the eye in the daytime if you wear mascara or undereye concealer.  It leaves a tad too much moisture on the skin and can breakdown your makeup.

*Rosehip Seed Oil – this is good especially for mature and/or super dry skin.  It takes a bit longer to soak in to the skin so allow extra time for that before applying undereye concealer and mascara.  Remember, Rosehip Seed Oil needs to be refrigerated to maintain freshness.

*Baobab Oil – this is my favorite for eye serum.  It soaks in quickly and yet moisturizes really well.  When I first priced this oil and saw that it was $13 for 2 oz, I thought it was a little expensive.  However, that was 5+ months ago and I have only used about a quarter of the bottle….I’d say that’s a bargain!! ๐Ÿ™‚

To apply eye serum:  Put a drop of one of these oils on your ring finger and gently dab it underneath and on the outer corner of the eyes, morning and night.  It does not take very much…a pea size drop for both eyes at night and a tiny pin-size drop in the morning. 

Where to Buy:
*Vitacost – they carry a full range of oils at super low prices
(Get $10 off your first order here:  Vitacost Referral Discount)

Disclaimer:  I am not a skin care professional….just a girl sharing her thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚  These are oils that have worked for me but may not work for everyone.  As always, with anything you use on your skin or eyes, if you notice any skin or eye irritation, discontinue use.

Come Back for the Final Blog in the Series ~  Part 5:  Facial Scrubs and Masks

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