Palette of the Week – The Star Treatment by bareMinerals

Part 1 – Review and Swatches

The Star Treatment was chosen for my next “palette of the week challenge” because this was one that I hadn’t used very much since purchasing it last fall.  Upon first glance, the colors seem pretty neutral but when swatched, several have very different color casts, making them a bit harder to put together, or so I thought ๐Ÿ™‚  Previously, I would pull it out and use just 2 or 3 of the “safe” colors and avoided the rest.  But, I’m happy to report that after using this every day for a week, I have found more versatility and some great combinations that I love!

The palette has a shiny silver cover with 8 shadows, a small, double-ended brush and a mirror inside….

Here are the colors and swatches on my skin…
Matte black with little flecks of gold

Shimmery brassy-copper

White with a subtle gold iridescence
Shimmery cool-toned brown

Grayish taupe with a pale green duo-chrome (a fancy word that just means when the light hits, it reflects a different color ๐Ÿ™‚

Shimmery peach

Mid-toned shimmery taupe with slight olive undertones

 Soft, buttery yellow
Where to Buy:  Bare Escentuals
Cost:  On sale for $25, originally $40

Favorite Colors:  VIP, Elitist and Carte Blanche

Other Things I Love:  The bareMinerals Ready shadows are a wonderful, smooth, creamy formula; highly pigmented and with a primer underneath, the color stays true all day. They are also made with great ingredients, including a special mineral complex, reported to help revitalize the eye area, adding moisture, reducing lines, etc.

Some Not So Great Things:  There aren’t any completely matte shades in the palette….VIP and Carte Blanche are close but both still have a little shimmer or sparkle.  Also, Connisseur is a tough color for me to pull off on it’s own and is my least favorite shadow in this palette.  However, I challenged myself to use it in an unexpected way…see how that turned out tomorrow!

Summary:  I think this is a really great, neutral palette to own.  It’s super compact, making it great for travel.  And, at just $25, you are getting some great, quality shadows at a great price!  While I can’t say that I’m noticing any reduction in lines or wrinkles due to use of these shadows, it is always reassuring to know that when I’m wearing these shadows or any of the other bareMinerals products, I’m wearing makeup that is good for my skin.

So, now that the analysis is done, let’s get to the fun part….the makeup looks you can create using this palette!  Check back tomorrow for Part 2 in this series and you will see three makeup looks I did with this palette ๐Ÿ™‚

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