Closet Makeover

Several weeks ago, I decided my overflowing, disorganized closet needed a makeover. 

 Additionally, I really wanted to create some space in our tiny, crowded master bedroom by removing our dresser.  But where on earth was I going to put everything in our dresser?  In the already overflowing, small closet of course!  Boy, was this going to be a challenge!  

First, I began sorting through everything in my closet and dresser….I discovered clothes that were well-past their donation date and others that quite frankly I really didn’t like!  There were shoes that hurt my feet…purses that killed my shoulder and ones I couldn’t find anything in when I carried them….socks with holes in the heels….a box of hair clips and scrunchies that obviously I’ve not used in years….I couldn’t believe how much unnecessary stuff I found!

Next, I began the process of space planning.  I knew I needed as many shelves as possible so I marched over to Lowe’s with one of the shelves from my closet.  I purchased one long board that matched the width of the shelf and had it cut into 4 pieces (Lowe’s will do this at no additional charge :-).

Then I began the massive hunt for some kind of “drawers” that I could use for my socks and tank tops, etc.  Of course, I wanted everything to match so that made the search even harder.  Finally my search ended when I found these black,white and pink boxes/drawers at Michaels.

Next were boxes for the top shelf, a hamper, hanging shoe shelves and super-thin hangers to give me even more space for my clothes. 

And where on earth was I going to store my purses?!  Well, the top shelf was the only space available but I needed something to keep the dust off.  For the purses that are not leather, I decided a plastic box with a lid was just fine.  But for my really nice purses, I decided to sew some cute fabric bags with a drawstring.

I also needed some place to store my scarves and hats to keep the dust off….a decorative round box and photo boxes fit perfectly on this hidden middle shelf….

Last, but certainly not least, I had to add just a few touches of sparkle and bling to some of the components that were a little “blah”….

The finished results?  Check it out for yourself….
 Isn’t it just so pretty?  🙂

What was once a jumbled, overflowing mess is now an organized and efficient space.  And, I’m happy to report that not only did I found a home for everything that was in my dresser but I also found a home for jewelry from my jewelry box and even some of my makeup (like palettes and “seasonal” blushes, bronzers, etc.). 

There is not a lot of room to spare but that’s good….I’m forced to keep things cleaned out and not stock-pile clothes and shoes that I don’t need!

Now I just need to work on my husband’s closet….:-)

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