Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*Clean oven, inside and out; clean entire stove top, burners, knobs, etc.

*Approximate time ~ 45 minutes + 2 hours or more of "soak" time

*Tips:  Easy Off oven cleaner really does make this job a LOT easier!  For best results, spray oven thoroughly the night before; wipe clean the next day (follow directions on label).  Be VERY careful not to turn on your oven light while cleaning...been there done that and had to go get a new bulb.  Remove all burners and knobs on your stove top (unless you have a flat surface, ceramic top then you can skip this :-) and soak in hot water and dawn dish soap; scrub clean, rinse and dry.  Wipe down the sides, top and front of oven with hot soapy water or use Fantastic All Purpose Cleaner (my preferred cleaning solution).

Personal Notes:  Cleaning the oven is right up there with washing windows for me.  But, when the smoke detector went off when I was baking cupcakes last week, I knew it was time to get scrubbing! 

Happy Cleaning!