Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*Remove and launder all shower curtains and liners

*Approximate time ~ 10 minutes + time for 2 loads of laundry

*Tips:  Check to be sure your fabric shower curtains are machine washable.  Wash the fabric curtains first (I did them in cold water on gentle cycle).  Then while they are drying, wash the plastic liners in hot water with chlorine bleach (only use bleach if your liner is solid vinyl and does NOT have a fabric backing).  This will remove any mildew, mold, etc. and the liner will come out looking brand new!  By the time the vinyl liner is finished washing, the fabric curtain should be dry so you can hang them up together and the vinyl liner can dry in place over the tub/shower.

Personal Notes:  When I purchase shower liners, I get the clear "heavyweight mildew resistant" ones that are around $10 at Target or Walmart.  They hang so much better than the thin, cheap liners, and, since you can wash them over and over again, you get your money's worth!

Happy Cleaning :-)