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Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*Wash window(s) in two rooms - I chose the master bathroom and our kitchen which has patio doors

*Approximate time ~ 20 minutes

*Tips:  Use your favorite glass cleaner along with a squeegee and an old hand towel.  Don't forget to open up the window and clean inside the frame as well as the window sills.

Happy Cleaning!

Thai Chicken Stuffed Muffins

A few weeks ago, I decided to do a little experimenting in the kitchen.  For some reason, I wanted something with a Thai Peanut sauce so I concocted this recipe and it was a huge hit with my husband.  I have made these twice now and both times, my husband and I ate them all over the course of two days.  Normally, we are terrible about eating leftovers.  But not with these....I reheated the leftovers the next night and we thoroughly enjoyed them again.  Serve these with steamed rice or mix up a little broccoli slaw salad (recipe at the end of this post).

Thai Chicken Stuffed Muffins
1 - can Big and Flaky Crescent Rolls
1 - 10 oz can Valley Fresh Chicken Breast, drained
1/2 cup - broccoli slaw, coarsely chopped

Peanut Sauce:
   *1/2 cup - crunchy peanut butter
   *2 T  - honey
   *3 T  - fresh squeezed orange juice
   *1/2 tsp - minced garlic (if using dehydrated garlic, reconstitute it with a little water first)
   *1-3 pinches - cayenne pepper (depends on how spicy you w…

Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*Clean oven, inside and out; clean entire stove top, burners, knobs, etc.

*Approximate time ~ 45 minutes + 2 hours or more of "soak" time

*Tips:  Easy Off oven cleaner really does make this job a LOT easier!  For best results, spray oven thoroughly the night before; wipe clean the next day (follow directions on label).  Be VERY careful not to turn on your oven light while cleaning...been there done that and had to go get a new bulb.  Remove all burners and knobs on your stove top (unless you have a flat surface, ceramic top then you can skip this :-) and soak in hot water and dawn dish soap; scrub clean, rinse and dry.  Wipe down the sides, top and front of oven with hot soapy water or use Fantastic All Purpose Cleaner (my preferred cleaning solution).

Personal Notes:  Cleaning the oven is right up there with washing windows for me.  But, when the smoke detector went off when I was baking cupcakes last week, I knew it was time to get scrubbing! 

Happy Cleaning!

Palette of the Week - The Star Treatment by bareMinerals

Part 2 - Favorite Makeup Looks

Here are a few of the makeup looks I created, using the bareMinerals Star Treatment palette.  If you don't have this palette, you can easily recreate these looks using similar colors you may already have in your makeup collection.  Or, get inspired with these application techniques and create your own unique look with completely different colors!

Look #1: Colors Used: Brow Highlight and Upper Eyelid:  Carte Blanche Crease:  Elitist Eye Liner:  Upper and lower lash line - smudged VIP close to the lash line using an angled brush Lips:  Since it was a neutral eye, I went with a semi-bold, red lip.
Look #2: Colors Used: Brow Highlight:  Carte Blanche Inner and Outer 1/3 of Upper Lid and Full Crease:  VIP Transition Crease Color:  Elitist, blended above the black into the brow highlight Center of Upper Lid:  Bragging Rights, packed on the center and then blended on either side into the black Liner:  Smudged VIP close to the lash line with an angled liner brush Li…

Palette of the Week - The Star Treatment by bareMinerals

Part 1 - Review and Swatches

The Star Treatment was chosen for my next "palette of the week challenge" because this was one that I hadn't used very much since purchasing it last fall.  Upon first glance, the colors seem pretty neutral but when swatched, several have very different color casts, making them a bit harder to put together, or so I thought :-)  Previously, I would pull it out and use just 2 or 3 of the "safe" colors and avoided the rest.  But, I'm happy to report that after using this every day for a week, I have found more versatility and some great combinations that I love!

The palette has a shiny silver cover with 8 shadows, a small, double-ended brush and a mirror inside....

Here are the colors and swatches on my skin... Matte black with little flecks of gold
Shimmery brassy-copper
White with a subtle gold iridescence
Shimmery cool-toned brown
Grayish taupe with a pale green duo-chrome (a fancy word that just means when the light hits, it refl…

Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*Remove and launder all shower curtains and liners

*Approximate time ~ 10 minutes + time for 2 loads of laundry

*Tips:  Check to be sure your fabric shower curtains are machine washable.  Wash the fabric curtains first (I did them in cold water on gentle cycle).  Then while they are drying, wash the plastic liners in hot water with chlorine bleach (only use bleach if your liner is solid vinyl and does NOT have a fabric backing).  This will remove any mildew, mold, etc. and the liner will come out looking brand new!  By the time the vinyl liner is finished washing, the fabric curtain should be dry so you can hang them up together and the vinyl liner can dry in place over the tub/shower.

Personal Notes:  When I purchase shower liners, I get the clear "heavyweight mildew resistant" ones that are around $10 at Target or Walmart.  They hang so much better than the thin, cheap liners, and, since you can wash them over and over again, you get your money's worth!

Happy Cleaning :-)

Closet Makeover

Several weeks ago, I decided my overflowing, disorganized closet needed a makeover.
Additionally, I really wanted to create some space in our tiny, crowded master bedroom by removing our dresser.  But where on earth was I going to put everything in our dresser?  In the already overflowing, small closet of course!  Boy, was this going to be a challenge!  

First, I began sorting through everything in my closet and dresser....I discovered clothes that were well-past their donation date and others that quite frankly I really didn't like!  There were shoes that hurt my feet...purses that killed my shoulder and ones I couldn't find anything in when I carried them....socks with holes in the heels....a box of hair clips and scrunchies that obviously I've not used in years....I couldn't believe how much unnecessary stuff I found!

Next, I began the process of space planning.  I knew I needed as many shelves as possible so I marched over to Lowe's with one of the shelves from my…

Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*It's time for "The Great Wipe Down"!  Clean and sanitize all the light switches, knobs, handles, remotes, etc. in the house.
*BONUS Challenge:  Wipe down your washer and dryer from top to bottom and sweep behind them

*Approximate time ~ 15 minutes + 15 minutes for BONUS challenge

*Tips:  Clorox or Lysol wipes work great for this challenge.  Or, you can use some other disinfectant on a paper towel or wash cloth.  Wipe down everything that gets handled....from doorknobs to cabinet knobs to switches on lamps, refrigerator and microwave handles, alarm clocks, remote controls...everything! This is super easy and goes really fast, I promise :-)

Personal Notes: As I was contemplating what should be cleaned next, I thought about all the colds and flus that have been circling this season.  In fact, my husband just got over a cold last week.  That got me thinking about how many things get touched in our house before we wash our hands and what kind of germs might be hanging out on our…