Lindstrom Tools – Living Up to a Lifetime Guarantee

A few months ago, when I was in the middle of preparing for some of my final jewelry shows, my favorite pair of Lindstrom pliers snapped in two…..

 After recovering from the shock of what had just occurred, I picked up an old pair of pliers and “limped” along as best I could through the next several projects, all the while wondering what on earth I was going to do.

These Lindstrom pliers weren’t cheap so I didn’t exactly want to run out and buy another pair.  I remembered when I bought them that they came with a “lifetime guarantee”.  Now, I’ve read the fine print of some of those “guarantees” with other companies and usually they are extremely “limited” and come with so many exceptions that the companies can wiggle out of replacing/repairing the product.  However, when I read the “lifetime guarantee” on these pliers, I figured I had a chance of some kind of action from Lindstrom, especially since I was using the pliers as they were intended to be used and not trying to fix my car 🙂  So I boxed up the pliers, typed up an explanation of what had occurred and waited to see what would happen. 

Lo, and behold, about 2 weeks later, I received a package from FedEx with a brand new pair of pliers….no questions asked! 

I couldn’t have been happier…..a company that stands behind their tools AND their guarantee….that’s something to celebrate!  Way to go Lindstrom!

So if any of you are jewelry makers or hobbyists and looking for some great tools, I’d highly recommend checking out Lindstrom Tools.  Find them on Amazon, Fire Mountain Gems or Fusionbeads.

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