Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*Wash curtains in one room of the house; wipe down curtain rod, window sill and inside of windows

*Approximate time ~  20-30 minutes, plus time for an extra load of laundry

*Tips:  I think it goes without saying to make sure the curtains are machine washable :-)  Use windex or glass cleaner of your choice sprayed on a paper towel to wipe down rods and window sills; spray the windows with windex and wipe clean with a towel or a squeegee.

*Personal Note:  I personally HATE cleaning windows....get that from my mom I think :-)  But I find that I hate it less when I use a squeegee....seems to make the task go much faster and the windows look less streaky.  Also, after removing my super dusty curtains, I decided it'd be wise to spend a little extra time with the vacuum cleaner in that room as well, just to ensure I got up all of those dirt particles :-)

Happy Cleaning!