Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*Clean the frames AND glass of all of the framed pictures on the walls throughout the house

*Approx time for task ~ 15-20 minutes (depending on how many pictures you have in your house :-)

*Tips:  Clean the frames first with a soft dust cloth sprayed lightly with furniture polish (such as Endust or Pledge).  Use Windex (or other glass cleaner) to spray a paper towel or clean cloth and wipe the glass clean.  Be sure not to spray the glass directly with the glass cleaner as some of the over spray can spot/damage the frame.

Personal Note:  Every few weeks, I quickly run my dust rag around the frames of many of the pictures on the walls.  However, it never occurred to me that dust was also gathering on the vertical surface of the glass as well!  So, once I cleaned off the thick layer of dirt and dust on each picture, I was amazed at how much better my pictures looked :-)   

Happy Cleaning!