Clean With Me Monday Challenge – TVs and Computer Monitors

Ever look up at the bathroom light and be appalled at the pile of dust on the light bulb and shade?  Or move curtain panels and sneeze because a cloud of dust just appeared?  How about suddenly noticing the door or wall in your bathroom is covered in a shiny film from hairspray?  Well, a few months ago, I started noticing things like this all around my home.  At first, I told myself that I’d get to those projects later when I had extra time or that I’d save them up for “spring cleaning”.  However, as each week passed, my list of cleaning projects kept growing and it was time to take action or I’d wind up spending the whole month of March cleaning!

I decided by breaking these projects down into “bite-size” pieces, I could accomplish one or two each week and have only put in an extra 5-15 minutes of cleaning and maybe one extra load of laundry.  So, since Monday is the day I set aside to clean house and do laundry (yes, I’m one of those that likes it all done in one day!), I thought this would be the perfect time to tackle one or two of these projects each week in addition to my regular cleaning.  

Now, we all know that cleaning is so much more fun when done with friends so I decided each week to post my special cleaning project.  Then you all can join in the fun and tackle these projects in your homes on your cleaning day.  So are you up for the challenge?  If so, check back here every Monday and I’ll post the special project I’m working on.  I’ll give the approx. time it took me to complete the task and any special products/tools that I found helpful in completing the task.  If it’s a project that you’ve already done or don’t need to do, tackle another little project or take the week off!  🙂  Happy cleaning everyone!

Cleaning Challenge:
*Wipe off all of the computer monitors and TVs screens in the house
Approx time for task ~ 5-10 minutes
*Important:  Only use a cleaner and cloth that are approved for computer and TV screens!  Here’s what I used:

Rocketfish LCD Cleaning Solution and MicroFiber cloth – purchased from Best Buy

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