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I don’t know about you but there is something fun about flipping through an Avon catalog.  There are always new makeup products at irresistibly low prices and I love that they are delivered for free to my doorstep!  And, as an added bonus, I’m helping my local Avon Rep make a living from her home!  Now, I’ll admit that many Avon products I’ve purchased were fun to try but I wasn’t impressed enough to repurchase them.  Recently, though, I tried several new products that I love and will most definitely be repurchasing so I wanted to share those with you!

1) Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel
*Price:  3 for $10 (Campaign 4)
*Newly reformulated polish in TONS of beautiful colors
*Available in the following formulas – Creme, Sheer, Shimmer & Sequins
*Colors pictured below are:
***Vintage Boutique – a medium brown/taupe color; Creme formula***Mystic -a sparkly, silver-taupe; Sequins formula

*Overall, I like these new polishes.  They go on evenly and dry fairly quickly.  Avon boasts they give “12 days of lasting color”…that didn’t happen on my finger nails…more like 3-4 days and then the edges needed touching up.  But I think that’s pretty typical of a “drugstore” nail polish so I didn’t mind.  On my toes, however, it definitely lasts more than 12 days.

2) Cream Eyeshadow
*Price:  $3.49 (Campaign 5)
*Similar in texture and performance to Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows or MAC Paintpots
*Easy to blend; buildable color
*Lasts all day without smudging when used with a primer underneath
*Great used alone or with a powder shadow layered on top for added color pigmentation and depth
*All of the colors seem to have some shimmer/sparkle to them and are more sheer.  But I think that makes them easier to work with. 
*Available colors are:  Pebble Stone, Cool Grey, Winter Taupe, Candy Sorbet, Sparkling Plum, Seafoam Green, Exquisite Blue, Frothy Mocha.  
*I purchased “Winter Taupe” – a warm, sparkly gray….really pretty!

3)Eyeshadow Primer – Light Beige
*Price:  $3.99 (Campaign 5)
*Super creamy and lightweight….almost “mouse-like”
*No sparkle; adds a hint of color to the eyelid which helps blur any uneven tones on the lid
*Prevents shadows from creasing….shadows stay put all day long!
*Available in two shades:  Warm Beige – suitable for darker skin tones; and Light Beige which is pictured below

 *When it comes to primers, I’ve “been around the block”….I’ve tried just about every brand from high-end to low-end and let me tell you this is one of the best that I’ve tried! And you can’t beat the price!

4) Mark. Lipclick Full Color Lipstick – Champagne
*Price:  $11 (Campaign 4 & 5)
*Unique packaging, features a magnet that “clicks” the lid in place & stays put in your purse….pretty cool!
*Formula is moisturizing yet has decent staying power
*Available in 12 colors and additionally there are “special edition” colors and packaging offered throughout the year (normally the tube is glossy black)
*This was one of the special, limited edition colors offered over the holidays called, “Champagne”…a light shimmery gold/nude color….packaged in this mirrored pink tube

 *”Mark.” is another brand sold by Avon and is described as “an expertly edited Beauty and Fashion Boutique”.  It seems that the quality and packaging of these products is a little more “high-end” and the pricing is reflective of that.

If you are not familiar with Avon, they publish a new catalog (known as a “campaign”) every 2 weeks or so.  The pricing and product availability usually changes from one campaign to the next.  However, you can go back as many as 2 prior campaigns if the pricing was cheaper on a particular item and order the item under that price.  If all of that is confusing, just talk to your friendly Avon Representative and she’ll help you get the best price 🙂  Don’t have an Avon Representative?  You can order directly from my Representative via her website or she can probably direct you to someone in your area.  Here’s her info:
Shelly Massey – website address is:  www.youravon.com/shellymassey

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