Thursday, February 28, 2013

Palette of the Week - The Glinda Palette by Urban Decay

Part 2 - Favorite Makeup Looks
Here are a few of the makeup looks I created, using the Glinda palette (please forgive the bad photography!  I'm not so good at taking pictures of myself :-).  If you don't have this palette, you can easily recreate these looks using similar colors you may already have in your makeup collection.  Or, get inspired with these application techniques and create your own unique look with completely different colors!

Look #1:
Colors used:
 Browbone:  Aura (blue/violet side)
Crease:  Illusion with Magic blended over it
Upper eyelid:  Smudged black liner along lash line first; placed Oz (silver side) on inner 2/3 of lid; blended Tornado in outer corner and outer crease; lightly dusted South over Oz

  Look #2:
Colors Used:
 Browbone:  Aura (blue/violet side)
Crease:  Illusion with South blended over it
Upper Eyelid:  To make the purple more vibrant, start with a white, non-shimmery base...I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk; pack on Tornado eye shadow over the white base; add a tiny bit of South in outer corner and blend into crease.
Eye Liner:  Upper lash line - Black; Lower lash line - "Rockstar" (dark eggplant)

Look #3 (my favorite ;-):
 Colors Used:
 This look is one that Urban Decay included on a card that comes with the palette:
Browbone:  Aura (blue/violet side)
Crease:  Illusion
Upper Eyelid:  South blended up to the crease and slightly up at the outer corners; Tornado blended into the outer corner and outer crease
Eye Liner:  Upper and half of lower lash line - "Rockstar" (deep eggplant); also added a little black liner to outer edge of upper lash line
Lips:  Glinda Super Saturated Lip Pencil

In the future, when I do these "Favorite makeup Look" blogs, I may include more detailed information regarding the types of brushes used, my foundation, blush color, lip color etc.....let me know if that would be helpful to you :-)

Now go and have some fun with your makeup today!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Palette of the Week - The Glinda Palette by Urban Decay

Part 1 - Review & Swatches
Urban Decay recently launched two new palettes in conjunction with the upcoming Disney movie, "Oz the Great and Powerful".  Each palette contains 6 full-size shadows (8 colors total), a travel-size eyeliner and a full-size saturated lip color pencil.  The Theodora palette consists of more neutral, earth-tone shades while the Glinda palette is more soft and feminine with pinks and purples.  Since I have plenty of neutral toned shadows, I decided to go for the Glinda palette.  I've been using it over the past week and decided it would be my first "Palette of the Week".  This series will be a two-part blog:  Part 1 will contain pictures, swatches and a thorough review of the palette; part 2 will be pictures of 2-3 of my favorite looks and instructions on how to create these looks.  So, without further adieu, let's get started!

This pretty tin case....

....holds 6 full-size shadows and a travel-size eyeliner.

This case is cool because you can pop out the shadows and replace them with other Urban Decay shadows.

Now, here are the colors and swatches (on my pale skin :-)....
Vibrant deep purple/plum with shimmer

2 Shades in 1 - iridescent white w/ blue reflectors & iridescent white w/ peachy-pink reflectors

Blue-toned pink with subtle shimmer
Pale peach with very subtle shimmer (a great blending color on light skin tones)

2 Shades in 1 - gold shimmer with chunky silver glitter (Urban Decay says it's suppose to be gold glitter but mine definitely has silver glitter) & metallic silver with silver glitter

Warm gray/taupe shimmer with tiny bits of silver glitter

 Rockstar 24/7 Eye Pencil 
Deep eggplant

Glinda Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color 
Medium warm, rosy pink

Where to Buy:  Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay

Cost:  $49

Favorite Colors:  South, Aura and then Illusion & Tornado tie for 3rd place

Other Things I Love:  The ability to swap out shadows....the super-saturated lip pencil is amazing in texture and color....and the Rockstar eye liner is one of my favorites!

Some Not So Great Things:  Disappointed with "Oz"....even though these are the newly reformulated shadows, there was still a lot of glitter fallout when I applied these colors (more so with the gold color)

Summary:  Overall, I think this is a great set and a good value for your money, when you consider that the Super-Saturated lip color alone is $19 and the full-size eyeshadows (like you get in this palette) are $18 each.  I also think the colors are neutral enough that you can wear them everyday but they are pretty unique so they would be a great addition to anyone's makeup collection.  However, if you were hoping for the "be-all, end-all" palette, this is probably not it.  It's great for adding variety to your makeup collection but not something that would probably be a "staple".

So, now that the analysis is done, let's get to the fun part....the makeup looks you can create using this palette!  Check back tomorrow for Part 2 in this series and you will see three makeup looks I did with this palette :-)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*Wash curtains in one room of the house; wipe down curtain rod, window sill and inside of windows

*Approximate time ~  20-30 minutes, plus time for an extra load of laundry

*Tips:  I think it goes without saying to make sure the curtains are machine washable :-)  Use windex or glass cleaner of your choice sprayed on a paper towel to wipe down rods and window sills; spray the windows with windex and wipe clean with a towel or a squeegee.

*Personal Note:  I personally HATE cleaning windows....get that from my mom I think :-)  But I find that I hate it less when I use a squeegee....seems to make the task go much faster and the windows look less streaky.  Also, after removing my super dusty curtains, I decided it'd be wise to spend a little extra time with the vacuum cleaner in that room as well, just to ensure I got up all of those dirt particles :-)

Happy Cleaning!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Avon - Haul & Product Reviews

I don't know about you but there is something fun about flipping through an Avon catalog.  There are always new makeup products at irresistibly low prices and I love that they are delivered for free to my doorstep!  And, as an added bonus, I'm helping my local Avon Rep make a living from her home!  Now, I'll admit that many Avon products I've purchased were fun to try but I wasn't impressed enough to repurchase them.  Recently, though, I tried several new products that I love and will most definitely be repurchasing so I wanted to share those with you!

1) Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel
*Price:  3 for $10 (Campaign 4)
*Newly reformulated polish in TONS of beautiful colors
*Available in the following formulas - Creme, Sheer, Shimmer & Sequins
*Colors pictured below are:
***Vintage Boutique - a medium brown/taupe color; Creme formula***Mystic -a sparkly, silver-taupe; Sequins formula

*Overall, I like these new polishes.  They go on evenly and dry fairly quickly.  Avon boasts they give "12 days of lasting color"...that didn't happen on my finger nails...more like 3-4 days and then the edges needed touching up.  But I think that's pretty typical of a "drugstore" nail polish so I didn't mind.  On my toes, however, it definitely lasts more than 12 days.

2) Cream Eyeshadow
*Price:  $3.49 (Campaign 5)
*Similar in texture and performance to Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows or MAC Paintpots
*Easy to blend; buildable color
*Lasts all day without smudging when used with a primer underneath
*Great used alone or with a powder shadow layered on top for added color pigmentation and depth
*All of the colors seem to have some shimmer/sparkle to them and are more sheer.  But I think that makes them easier to work with. 
*Available colors are:  Pebble Stone, Cool Grey, Winter Taupe, Candy Sorbet, Sparkling Plum, Seafoam Green, Exquisite Blue, Frothy Mocha.  
*I purchased "Winter Taupe" - a warm, sparkly gray....really pretty!

3)Eyeshadow Primer - Light Beige
*Price:  $3.99 (Campaign 5)
*Super creamy and lightweight....almost "mouse-like"
*No sparkle; adds a hint of color to the eyelid which helps blur any uneven tones on the lid
*Prevents shadows from creasing....shadows stay put all day long!
*Available in two shades:  Warm Beige - suitable for darker skin tones; and Light Beige which is pictured below
 *When it comes to primers, I've "been around the block"....I've tried just about every brand from high-end to low-end and let me tell you this is one of the best that I've tried! And you can't beat the price!

4) Mark. Lipclick Full Color Lipstick - Champagne
*Price:  $11 (Campaign 4 & 5)
*Unique packaging, features a magnet that "clicks" the lid in place & stays put in your purse....pretty cool!
*Formula is moisturizing yet has decent staying power
*Available in 12 colors and additionally there are "special edition" colors and packaging offered throughout the year (normally the tube is glossy black)
*This was one of the special, limited edition colors offered over the holidays called, "Champagne"...a light shimmery gold/nude color....packaged in this mirrored pink tube
 *"Mark." is another brand sold by Avon and is described as "an expertly edited Beauty and Fashion Boutique".  It seems that the quality and packaging of these products is a little more "high-end" and the pricing is reflective of that.

If you are not familiar with Avon, they publish a new catalog (known as a "campaign") every 2 weeks or so.  The pricing and product availability usually changes from one campaign to the next.  However, you can go back as many as 2 prior campaigns if the pricing was cheaper on a particular item and order the item under that price.  If all of that is confusing, just talk to your friendly Avon Representative and she'll help you get the best price :-)  Don't have an Avon Representative?  You can order directly from my Representative via her website or she can probably direct you to someone in your area.  Here's her info:
Shelly Massey - website address is:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lindstrom Tools - Living Up to a Lifetime Guarantee

A few months ago, when I was in the middle of preparing for some of my final jewelry shows, my favorite pair of Lindstrom pliers snapped in two.....

 After recovering from the shock of what had just occurred, I picked up an old pair of pliers and "limped" along as best I could through the next several projects, all the while wondering what on earth I was going to do.

These Lindstrom pliers weren't cheap so I didn't exactly want to run out and buy another pair.  I remembered when I bought them that they came with a "lifetime guarantee".  Now, I've read the fine print of some of those "guarantees" with other companies and usually they are extremely "limited" and come with so many exceptions that the companies can wiggle out of replacing/repairing the product.  However, when I read the "lifetime guarantee" on these pliers, I figured I had a chance of some kind of action from Lindstrom, especially since I was using the pliers as they were intended to be used and not trying to fix my car :-)  So I boxed up the pliers, typed up an explanation of what had occurred and waited to see what would happen. 

Lo, and behold, about 2 weeks later, I received a package from FedEx with a brand new pair of questions asked! 
I couldn't have been happier.....a company that stands behind their tools AND their guarantee....that's something to celebrate!  Way to go Lindstrom!

So if any of you are jewelry makers or hobbyists and looking for some great tools, I'd highly recommend checking out Lindstrom Tools.  Find them on Amazon, Fire Mountain Gems or Fusionbeads.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Clean With Me Monday Challenge

*Clean the frames AND glass of all of the framed pictures on the walls throughout the house

*Approx time for task ~ 15-20 minutes (depending on how many pictures you have in your house :-)

*Tips:  Clean the frames first with a soft dust cloth sprayed lightly with furniture polish (such as Endust or Pledge).  Use Windex (or other glass cleaner) to spray a paper towel or clean cloth and wipe the glass clean.  Be sure not to spray the glass directly with the glass cleaner as some of the over spray can spot/damage the frame.

Personal Note:  Every few weeks, I quickly run my dust rag around the frames of many of the pictures on the walls.  However, it never occurred to me that dust was also gathering on the vertical surface of the glass as well!  So, once I cleaned off the thick layer of dirt and dust on each picture, I was amazed at how much better my pictures looked :-)   

Happy Cleaning!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Clean With Me Monday Challenge - TVs and Computer Monitors

Ever look up at the bathroom light and be appalled at the pile of dust on the light bulb and shade?  Or move curtain panels and sneeze because a cloud of dust just appeared?  How about suddenly noticing the door or wall in your bathroom is covered in a shiny film from hairspray?  Well, a few months ago, I started noticing things like this all around my home.  At first, I told myself that I'd get to those projects later when I had extra time or that I'd save them up for "spring cleaning".  However, as each week passed, my list of cleaning projects kept growing and it was time to take action or I'd wind up spending the whole month of March cleaning!

I decided by breaking these projects down into "bite-size" pieces, I could accomplish one or two each week and have only put in an extra 5-15 minutes of cleaning and maybe one extra load of laundry.  So, since Monday is the day I set aside to clean house and do laundry (yes, I'm one of those that likes it all done in one day!), I thought this would be the perfect time to tackle one or two of these projects each week in addition to my regular cleaning.  

Now, we all know that cleaning is so much more fun when done with friends so I decided each week to post my special cleaning project.  Then you all can join in the fun and tackle these projects in your homes on your cleaning day.  So are you up for the challenge?  If so, check back here every Monday and I'll post the special project I'm working on.  I'll give the approx. time it took me to complete the task and any special products/tools that I found helpful in completing the task.  If it's a project that you've already done or don't need to do, tackle another little project or take the week off!  :-)  Happy cleaning everyone!

Cleaning Challenge:
*Wipe off all of the computer monitors and TVs screens in the house
Approx time for task ~ 5-10 minutes
*Important:  Only use a cleaner and cloth that are approved for computer and TV screens!  Here's what I used:

Rocketfish LCD Cleaning Solution and MicroFiber cloth - purchased from Best Buy