Whoa! Those are some bright lips!

We’ve all been there……standing in a store, staring at all these beautiful, bright shades of lipstick.  You’re wishing you could wear those colors….wondering if you could be brave enough to do it….it becomes almost a dare to yourself to try it….suddenly you are through the check out and rushing home to try on your new bold lipstick purchase.  It looks great on and you can’t wait to wear it to work the next day.  You awake, feeling invincible, don your bold lipcolor and spend the day receiving compliments on your lips.  However, the following day, you aren’t feeling as confident….a few days/weeks later, that lipstick is in the back of your drawer or bottom of your makeup bag and you chide yourself for wasting money on that lipstick!

Well, not too long ago, I was reorganizing my lip products and pulled out those seldom used shades.  Some were ones I’d purchased, others were ones that came as “free gifts with purchase”.

Two of my favorites are NYX “Sunflower” lipstick and Tarte’s “Lively” Lipsurgence Liptint…..

I was determined to make them more wearable on any given day.  As I experimented, I discovered the following solution….

Apply a thin layer of the bold color; blot your lips and add one of the following:
*Add a gold-tone, shimmery gloss or lipstick to tone down fuchsia pink or any blue-tone red.
*Add a frosty, gray-tone taupe or mauve to tone down tangerine orange, bright corals or orangey reds.
By doing this, it obviously lightens the color but also brings the extreme color back to the middle of the color spectrum, back to the more “wearable zone”.

Now for me, I’ve found that whether you choose a lipstick or a gloss, the effect is pretty much the same, just a little less shine with the lipstick.  Depending on how much I want to tone down the color, sometimes I’ll use the lipstick and gloss over the bold color.

As for picking the “neutralizing colors”, you don’t have to spend a lot of money….afterall, the goal is to help you NOT feel you’ve wasted money on that bold lipcolor!

My favorites are two lipsticks from NYX:
*”Celene” – gold frost
*”Galaxy” – gray/taupe frost
These retail for $3.99 each and you can get them at Ulta stores or online at ulta.com or nyxcosmetics.com. Right now, Ulta has NYX products on sale – buy 1, get one 50% off so you could get both for $6!
For lipglosses, I love the NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in “Beige Pearl”, which is a golden tan frost.  It retails for $5.49 and also looks beautiful worn on its own!  
The other gloss in the taupe family is “Iced Mauve” from Bobbi Brown.  I picked this up at the cosmetic outlets but I’m sure you can find one cheaper from NYX (perhaps “Sugar Pie”??) or another drugstore brand (like Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss in “Foiled”??).  This Bobbi Brown gloss was one I already owned so now it’s doing double duty for me 🙂  Just be sure when picking out a neutralizing gloss that there is plenty of color pigmentation and not just a clear gloss with a few gold flecks, as that will not do much for toning down the bright color.  Some of you may already have similar colors in your collection.  But if not, keep in mind these gold and taupe shimmery colors will also look great over lighter colors as well so you’ll get your money’s worth! 
Here’s an example of how this technique transformed my “Sunflower” lipstick:
I hope this was helpful for you and that you’ll give this a try!  
Next Monday, I’ll be reviewing the brand new Urban Decay Smoked Palette! 🙂

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